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Essential Golf Equipment

Basic Golf Clubs AustraliaIt becomes a challenge to choose the right golf kit when there are many brands with essential golf equipment on offer. Whether you want to play golf or like watching the sport, our Australian complete guide has you covered. There would be no professional players on the field without the correct golf set. All the products that are found on the fieldwork together to make the sports what it is. It’s more than the clothes that make golf. From the ball to the golf clubs and bags that make this classic sport so elegant.

The key thing to remember when choosing golf materials is that they have to suit your style. We will give you a brief description of the essential golf equipment on this page. And maybe try golf betting online while looking like a pro golfer. There are players who love playing in their backyard while others love competing on the course. Wherever you decide to play, golf club sets are necessary for any match. Enter the golf course in style with your essential golf equipment! (We also provide some Aussie sports betting sites fit for your next sports wager!

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The Ball

The ball is a vital piece of equipment that players need to play golf. The golf ball for your handicap and style of play ensures that you are on top of your game. Golf balls have an interesting history that changes due to new technology.  Many players concentrate on golf clubs and forget how crucial their ball choice is. They enhance your performance on the field. So, you have to do your research before you purchase balls. High handicapped players and beginners don’t usually have a consistent swing. The ball is stroked by the edge of the club instead of the center, as a result, the ball becomes damaged.

It’s difficult to pick golf balls that will suit your style. Below we have listed important things you need to know about golf balls:

  • Each golf ball is designed for a specific style of play. For example, they can be hard, resin core or balata cover.
  • Golf balls have what we call dimples which can decrease the drag on the ball and increase the lift while a shot has been taken.
  • Most golf balls have two-piece, three-piece or four-piece ball which have different functions. A two-piece ball will maximise the distance and spin less.  Three-piece ball will end in a shorter distance and give you control on the course.
  • Balls also have different compressions that go from 40-100. The lower compression balls are normally used by players who have a slow swing or new golf players. The advanced golf players like ball with a medium compression.
Golf Equipment Guide Australia

Golf Dress Code

The golf governing body has golf etiquette that players have to follow. The sport is taken that seriously! Check out the clothing rules of the golf club you are planning on visiting. You don’t want to arrive at a golf course not appropriately dressed because you can offend the club. Therefore, follow have a look at the clubs site and follow the rules. There are many golf clothing shops so browse through their collections.  Look at are golf essentials that you can mix and match below:

  • Golf Shoes – golf shoes can balance your swing and offer grip when you step around the field. Golf shoes have spikes on the soles that can be found in rubber or metal.
  • Golf Trousers – men wear long trousers made of polyester or cotton. Women have the option of wearing long trousers and golf shirts.
  • Golf Shirts – collared shirts are the order of the day on the golf course. Gentlemen are required to wear shirts, ladies can wear the collar if they want to.
  • Golf Bag – players carry their golf equipment, golf clubs to be more specific in the golf bag. Carry bags were created to be carried by golfers on the course. They are lightweight and have single or dual straps to not be heavy for the player. Some golf bags have a ring where a player can hang their towel.

Basic Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are used to strike the ball in the direction that the golfer wishes. There are three aspects that make a golf club, the head, grip, and shaft.  If you want to know more about golf club designs, you can read more about it in the rules of golf. The rules of golf allow players to have fourteen clubs in their golf bags.  Club headcovers are available to protect the clubs from hitting each other. We briefly explain what each golf club below:

Woods – wood is a hollow large headed golf club that is used to make long shots. Golf players use wood to hit off the tee.  Many golfers carry 3 and 5 woods in their bag.

Hybrids – this club is a combination of a fairway wood head built and an iron length shaft. Hybrids are called “the best of both worlds.” The Hybrids have become famous in the past years and many players have replaced their 3 and 4 irons with this golf club.

Irons – the Iron is used when a player is less than 200 yards away from the green. A normal iron has a couple of irons such as the 3, 4, 6 and the pitching wedge.

Wedges – the pitching wedge is the highest loft iron in the set. There is the approach wedge, sand wedge, etc that have higher lofts. They are used as “blade clubs.”

Putters – the purpose of a putter is to get the ball into the hole. There are many styles of putters such as the long, heel-toe etc.

Other Golf Equipment

Listed below are more vital tools that are needed on the golf field:

Ball Makers – the ball can be picked up to be cleaned, this is done only if it obstructs the opponents putting line. There are other cases where are ball can be lifted.  A ball mark repair tool repairs a ball mark.

Tees – a tee is a wooden or plastic object that is pushed into the ground. The ball is placed on top for a simple shot.  Players can damages these during the game so you will have to make a wise choice on which one to buy. The wooden tees are not expensive compared to the plastic tees that last longer.

Golf Carts – these are cars that transport golf players along with their bags. There are hand carts that are used to only carry the golf bag while the player walks on the course.

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