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Golf Popular Bets

Popular Golf Bets Golf becomes more exciting when punters attach some type of wager to the sports. It makes sense to add golf popular bets with every game. Besides the usual bets, Australians can make golf popular bets to add a different twist to the game. If you are cracking your head about what these bets entail, then look no further. We will give you more information about stroke play and match play. What’s more, there are side bets that punters can anticipate in this guide.

There are common ways to bet on golf should you want to recap or if you are not sure where to begin. Many players are familiar with skin games that they might have played with friends. It’s okay if you don’t know what we are talking about, we will clarify everything about popular golf bets at the best sports betting sites and give you more reason to bet on golf. Let’s take you through the easy golf games to play on the course.

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Here is a list of golf games golfers can play golf for some cash:

  • Stroke Play – this match in golf allows all players to play their own ball and keep their own score. Whichever holes players decide to end the game, the player that has the lowest score in declared the winner.
  • Match Play – this is a preferred format that is used at the USGA amateur tournaments. The manner in which the score is recorded is different to match play. A player wins a game when a player is up more holes than there are remaining
  • Skin Game – this match is between two players which can extend to a group of four. In this game there are carryovers. The group will decide what dollar amount each skin will have. Once the 18 holes come to an end players add their skins.
Australia Popular Golf Bets

More Popular Golf Bets

Have a look at other golf bets below:


This match takes place between two or four players. This bet involves three individual wagers which are called the front-9 wager, back-9 wager and the total bet.  Prior to the match, players will decide how much they are playing for.  Let’s say you all decide to wager $30 on the front-9, total wager and back-9 bets. That means $90 is up for grabs.

  • Pressing – during a game means that players are starting a new wager. If you see that you are going to lose a match, you can apply the pressing method. For example, a player might need 2 strokes to win the hole going to the next match. The player will have to press their opponent to become victorious in the last hole.
  • Auto-2-Downs – the pressing method which we discussed above can be used every time one side goes down and the 2 holes in the game.

Nine-Point Game

This category of the game needs three players, no more or less. For every hole players scores, they get nine points. The manner in which the nine points are divided at each hole relies on the score of each player.


For one hole, the golfers rotate as the “wolf”. Any player who is the wolf on the first hole will also be wolf on holes 5, 9, 13 and 17. The wolf will wait until every golfer has played and then strike the tee box. Once the first three players have hit, the “wolf” will make a choice. The wolf can decide to select one of the players to be part of his team for the hole or go, one man. It would be in your best interest to choose a partner. A hole means one point for the player at hand, the points are kept and compared after the session.

These are some bets that players can enjoy should they not have patience for the longer holes such as the 18th. See the following fun mini wagers:

  • Sandys – every time players in a sand trap and make a par, they receive a point.
  • Points-Based – when a player achieves something remarkable, they earn a point. This includes making a birdie and other things that make a player stand out in the game. It can be anything that players who are in the competition agree to as a point.
  • Closet to Pin– Each golfer from the team strikes from the same place, the player who has the ball nearest to the hole wins the wager.

There are other bets that you can make on the golf course. We covered the most common wagers that have to do with the most basic way to play. Next time you think about playing golf, we hope you remember these golf popular bets to make the match more exciting with your friends.

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