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Ryder Cup Betting

How Ryder Cup Betting Works Despite no Australian participants taking part in the tournament, Ryder Cup betting is pretty common down under. With the international clash seeing many of the world’s best golfers going at it in a team-based tournament to declare who produces the best golfers – the United States or Europe. Although the contest is only played every two years with home venues alternating each tournament, the event has proven to be one of the most exciting golf competitions in the world.

If you’re keen to learn more about Ryder Cup betting, including how to bet, how to read odds at sports betting sites and tips to follow when doing so. So, read on and learn all you need to know about placing a cheeky wager on this illustrious with golfing tournament!

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How to Bet on the Ryder Cup

If you’re familiar golf betting, then you’ll know all the available bets on the Ryder Cup. If you’re new to betting on this sport, we’ve got the ultimate guide to placing bets down below:

  • To Win – these are bets made on a single day or match up. Basically, the punter selects a team or player to win the day or event. Their performance throughout the rest of the tournament has no effect on the result of the bet.
  • Outrights – this is an outright bet on which team might win the Ryder Cup tournament. These bets can be made at any time before or throughout the competition. Punters are sure to receive better odds when placing bets sometime before the actual tournament.
  • Head-to-Heads – punters bet on two golfers in a face-off style match-up. While this bet is available for other golfing tournaments, the Ryder Cup’s format strongly suits this betting option.
  • Props – these are bets that don’t involve determining the victor of a tournament. Rather punters bet on specific happenings to take place throughout the tournament. For example, bettors can wager that Jordan Spieth will score a hole-in-one sometime during the tournament.

There are loads of other bets available to be made on golf. Be sure to check out our golf betting page to learn more about other bets.

Understanding Ryder Cup Odds

Before you can bet on the Ryder Cup, you need to learn how to read odds. How else are you going to calculate how much you could potentially earn from placing a bet? Luckily for Australian punters, reading odds isn’t all that hard. There are three different odds formats that bookmakers can choose to use to display odds on a sporting event – fractional, American and decimal.

Now, Australian sports betting sites generally tend to prefer using the decimal format. This is probably the easiest format to read and understand. Basically, odds on a Ryder Cup betting line will generally look like this when visiting an online sportsbook:



Now all punters need to do calculate how much they stand a chance of winning when betting on either team is multiply their stake with the odds located next to any of the options on the right side. For example, let’s say you would like to place an AU$100 bet on a Team Europe victory, all you would need to do to calculate how much you have a chance of winning is multiply 100 by 3.0. You’ll see then that you will win AU$300 if your bet is successful. This amount includes both your stake and winnings.

Part of ensuring you make the best bets is shopping around for the best odds. You are sure to win the most possible money this way.

Ryder Cup Betting Australia

Ryder Cup Betting Tips

There are a couple of general Ryder Cup betting tips that are applicable to pretty much every single instalment of the tournament. While they are not guaranteed to lead to successful wagers, each will definitely help you make more educated bets. These include the following:

  • Tournament Format – as previously stated, this is a team tournament. Thus, the format is a little different to other big events, such as the four majors. Essentially, there are three different games played over the course of three days. The first two days see players go at it in a foursome and fourballs matches. These games consist of two-player teams. There is then a singles matchday in which players take on each other in 1v1 situations. Captains strategically pick players for the best possible situations.
  • Take Note of the Venue – if you know which golf course the tournament will take place at, you will be able to judge which team is better suited for it. For example, Team Europe may consist of players that perform better at narrow courses. If the tournament is then played at a narrow course, bettors know that Team Europe has a stronger chance of performing better.
  • Player Form – as with all sports bets, punters will do themselves a favour by keeping up with each player’s form. For example, it does not pay to place a bet on Team USA just because they’ve got Tiger Woods on their side if he isn’t even playing that well. There are twelve players on each side, so you’ll have a lot of stats to keep you busy before you place a bet.

Last 10 Ryder Cup Winners

The Ryder Cup has had a bit of a predictable history when it comes to winning patterns. When the tournament was contested between the US and Great Britain, the US were more often than not the victors of the tournament. When the tournament turned Team Great Britain into Team Europe in 1979, it ushered in an era of European dominance that is still seen today.

Below is a list of the last 10 winners of the Ryder Cup. It is easy to see that it is better to wager on Team Europe when making a future bet.

1999 United States
2002 Europe
2004 Europe
2006 Europe
2008 United States
2010 Europe
2012 Europe
2014 Europe
2016 United States
2018 Europe

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