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Golf Courses Australia

top golf courses for betting

Aussie will definitely fall in love with the incredible view of unique golf courses found. Architectures arrange the landscape aspects of golf courses. They consider things like the course design. About 80% of Australian adults like golf betting on an annual basis. Golf courses are vital as much wagering and permit punters who like watching matches to be social while betting. There are vast golf courses to select from, so what makes good golf courses? We give you some things to look for in our detailed guide. We also highlight the importance of golf courses.

There are many tournaments played throughout the year on different golf courses. Like professional golfers you need to understand golf courses as well. I’m sure you’re already thinking about the golf course greens and still water. You might find yourself some elegant golf courses and live to tell the story even after placing a bet at the best sports betting sites. Without further delay, you can read more about the types of golf courses below.

Where to Bet On Golf

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Golf Course Guide Contents

Why Are Golf Courses Important?

Golf architecture affects professional golf players directly. A golf players performance is also affected by the weather. When the weather is cold, the golf balls are affected because of the temperature. Due to cold air being denser than warm air it creates an extra drag to the ball. The warm weather is more favorable on the golf course. As a result, bettors might hesitate on betting. Without well maintained golf courses there wouldn’t be golf. Those who are familiar with the golf courses know that the condition of golf courses affects a match and can change the betting outcomes.

What to Look for in a Golf Course

Here are some factors to consider:

  • Routing – this refers to the direction which the wholes are played. Punters need to take note of whether or not the holes play in different directions or if they must play a set of similar holes. Most players don’t like being forced to play the same direction, therefore diversity is important. Majority of inland courses give architects the freedom to design routes that differ for players.
  • Course Design – architects think about vital things when before they design a golf course. Players should have a great angle to make the tee shot, golf course greens should be position well. Water hazards and bunkers are strategically planned to make players use the variety of clubs they have. The golf player’s skills are challenged to make the game interesting.
  • Course Variety – grand golf courses have a range of holes like, short, long and straight holes. This gives players the chance to play in different directions.
  • Shot Capability–the capability of a golf player to make a shot that they are targeting at partially has to do with skills. Golf courses must have low or high shots, fades and draws.
Golf Courses Australia

Top 10 Golf Courses

There are many striking golf courses around the world which have the privilege of hosting the biggest tournament. We can’t mention them all but have compiled a list of the top golf courses in Australia:

  1. Royal Melbourne West, Vic
  2. Kingston Heath, Vic
  3. Metropolitan, Vic
  4. Royal Adelaide, SA
  5. New South Wales
  6. Victoria
  7. Royal Melbourne East, VIC
  8. The National - Moonah Course, VIC
  9. Royal Sydney, NSW
  10. The Australian, NSW

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