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US Masters Betting

Online US Masters Betting AustraliaUS Masters betting is an exciting form of golf betting and is extremely popular with Aussie golf fans. There’s a huge hype that surrounds the Masters every year. It’s no wonder the prestigious tournament attracts a huge amount of online gambling. The Masters is one of the men’s major golf championships. It is contested every year in the first week of April at Augusta National Golf Club. The 2020 US Masters will be the 83rd edition of the championship. Only past winners and those who qualify for the golf US Open are invited to play in this golf tournament.

If you’re interested in placing a cheeky wager on the US Masters, you have come to the right place. Here you will learn all about betting on the US Masters. We even provide you with a list of great Australian sports betting sites to use when wagering on the US Masters and the different bet types available. So, read on to learn all you need to know about wagering on this famous golf tournament now.

Best US Masters Betting Sites 2020

These are our top-rated US Masters golf betting sites. They will provide you with the best odds and bets when betting online:
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How to Bet on the US Masters

Here are popular US Masters betting options punters can choose from at golf betting sites:

  • Straight Bet – punters select who the winner will be. This bet is common amongst punters.
  • Spread Betting – the best sports spread betting sites can add an upside or downside to a particular team or player. This form of betting allows bettor to win or lose money according to the margin by which the value of a particular outcome differs.
  • Side Bets – these bets are made on the occurrence of a particular action in the game.
  • Future Bet – the future bet is when a punter chooses the winner for a competition before the final. This takes place way ahead of the final.
  • Totals – punters predict the total score of the game with points combined. Sportsbooks might predict a score of a particular game. Bettors bet on whether or not the total score will be over or under the given sportsbook score.

Latest US Masters Betting Tips

Here are a few points to consider when betting on the 2020 US Masters.

  • Formers Champion – golf players are advised to stay away from the defending champion because defending the jacket won’t get players anywhere.
  • Draw Ball Naturals – the court suits golfers who can curve the ball effectively from right to left. This is because of how Augusta is laid out.
  • Strong Par 5 Players – look for players who do well on par 5s when selecting a tournament winner.
US Masters Betting Australia

US Masters Betting Odds

Australians normally calculate odds using the decimal system. Take the amount you want to bet and multiple it with the odds. We’ll be using two prominent golf players below to make an example:

Tiger Woods 8.00

Dustin Johnson; 11.00

For instance, an AU$150 wager on Tiger Woods means your payout will be AU$1200. For AU$120 bet on Dustin Johnson will give you the sum of AU$1320.

US Masters golf betting odds favor players who are in good form. The golf players have impressive resumes that are worth a punters time to check out. Among the favorites are Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, and Justin Rose. Great opportunities are waiting for you. So, what are you waiting for?

History of the US Masters 2020

Bobby Jones, a successful golf player back in the 1930s, retired from the game and decided to create a new golf course. The grassland was a nursery for various plants and an indigo plantation from 1857-1934. In 1931, the development of the course began and three years later was open for operation, with the US Masters finally being adopted in 1939. Then came the American second world war which cost the Masters to suspend their activities from 1943-1945. The first player to win the tournament three times was Jimmy Demaret in the 1950s followed by Sam Snead.

The 1950’s-60 saw three players dominate the gold industry. Namely; Arnold Plamer winning four masters, Gary Palmer become the first South African player to win the Masters, Jack Nicklaus flushed the US Masters by owning the title of the greatest Master for winning in successive years. Fast forward to 1980, Steve Ballesteros became the first European to win the tournament. Can there be so much bad luck for one player named Grey Norman who came second to Nicklaus, then lost a playoff to Larry Mize and finally losing to Nick Faldo.

Tiger Woods is among the greats who won his first masters in 1997. Wood would then follow up with four majors in 2001 and adding another one in 2002. To the surprise of many golfers, the following years they were the left-handed golfers show up for wins; Canadian golfer, Mike Weir, was the first to win the Masters in 2003. Followed by Phil Mickelson who won the Masters in 2004 and lastly Bubba Watson who won in 2012. The first Australian golfer, Adam Scott won in 2013. With the highest prize won by the second youngest golf player, Jordan Spieth in 2015. The previous years of the tournament proved to be epic with the coming years having a rich history to follow up on.

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