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Rugby Betting

How Rugby Betting Works Rugby betting is extremely popular in Australia. With both rugby union and rugby league proving to be widely watched sports in the nation, it really is no surprise that this is true. Rugby is also known to be a popular betting sport because it is so difficult to predict winners, meaning that odds are much higher and the winnings much sweeter when punters make correct bets. There are two different types of professional rugby associations – League and Union. This means more betting opportunities

If you’re interested in learning how to bet on rugby online, you have come to the right place. With our rugby betting guide, you will get a list of the best rugby betting sites for Australian punters along with top tips to keep in mind when betting.

Best Rugby Betting Sites

These sites provide Australian punters with the best local and international rugby betting odds. There are also hundreds of matches available to bet on:
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How to Bet on Rugby

The following betting options are available to Australian punters interested in betting on rugby games at online sportsbooks:

  • Fixed Odds/Moneyline Betting – this is the easiest bet that can be made on a rugby match. Basically, punters attempt to predict the winner of a particular match. This bet is the same for Rugby League and Rugby Union.
  • Rugby Live Betting – these betting options that are available while the actual match is taking place. These include totals, props, and fixed odds bets. It is important to note that odds will change as the match goes on.
  • Totals – these bets see punters trying to guess the total number of points that will be scored in a matchup. Bettors can either bet on the overall score being over or under a specific figure. (These bets are also known as overs/unders.)
  • Outrights – these are bets placed on a team to win the tournament long before the final actually takes place. For example, placing a bet on New Zealand to win the world cup during the group stages of the tournament.
  • Rugby Betting Handicap – handicap bets (also known as spread bets) see sportsbooks setting an advantage for underdog teams. Basically, these rugby betting lines will see favoured teams needing to win by a certain score if bets are to be paid out. These bets are preferred by experienced bettors due to the higher odds. For example, if the Crusaders play the Brumbies in Christchurch, sportsbooks may set an advantage for the Crusaders by 10 points due to their strength at home and previous performance in the tournament. That is rugby handicap betting explained.

Rugby Union Vs Rugby League

Before placing any sort of bet on rugby, it is important to understand that the sport is divided into two different variations. We’ve explained the difference between the two down below:

Rugby Union

Matches of this variation of the game are made up two teams of 15 players and last a total of eighty minutes. Teams score “tries” in demarcated areas and then have a chance to add additional points by scoring a conversion. If an attacking player is tackled, either a ruck or maul will form in which the defending team will attempt to stop their opponents from getting forward and perhaps even overturning possession.

If a foul is committed, the opposing side will either kick the ball for a line-out, take a penalty at goal or perform a scrum.

Rugby League

This variation of rugby is much more fast-paced than its Union counterpart. While many general rules are similar, there are a few differences worth noting though. Firstly, teams are made up of 13 players instead of 15. Secondly, there are no rucks or mauls in the game. Players simply retain possession by rolling the ball back to their teammates with their foot.

Thirdly, while there is no time limit for how long a side can maintain possession for in Rugby Union, there is in Rugby League. In this form of the game, if an attacking side is tackled six times before they are able to score a try, possession will overturn.

Finally, there are no line-outs in Rugby League. Instead, if the ball goes out of play, the teams contest over it through a scrum.

Rugby Betting Australia

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Rugby Tournaments to Bet On

If you’re looking for some good rugby games to bet on of any variety, the following tournaments have proven to be popular with our punters:

  • IRC Rugby World Cup – the Web Ellis Trophy most coveted trophy in the rugby union world. Nations battle it out to find out who is the best rugby team in the world. (We’d wager on a team in the Southern Hemisphere.)
  • Super Rugby – the premier club rugby tournament in the world sees teams from Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Argentina and Japan go up against on another in adrenaline-filled match ups.
  • Rugby Championship – widely regarded as one of the most competitive international rugby union competitions outside of the IRC World Cup, the Rugby Championship sees Australia take on South Africa, Argentina and New Zealand in an attempt to determine which team reigns supreme in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Six Nations – six of the top rugby nations (England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales) in the Northern Hemisphere go up against one another in a tournament filled with drama. Who will prove to be the very best in this competition?
  • Top 14 – the French rugby union club competition has often boasted to be the best in club competition in the world (or at least, certainly the one with the most money behind it.) Place wagers on matches featuring the world’s top-rated players, which will surely be very competitive.
  • National Rugby League – the top rugby league club tournament in Australia sees 16 teams go up against one another. Make a range of different bets on these exciting matchups.
  • National Rugby Championship – Australia’s premier club competition sees eight of the nation’s top club sides go at it in some exciting matches, filled with wonderful betting opportunities.

Rugby Betting Tips

When betting on rugby, it is important to keep the following tips in mind:

  • When betting on the IRC Rugby World Cup, keep the past victors of the tournament in mind. In the tournament’s history, only one team from the Northern Hemisphere has ever lifted the trophy – England. All other victories have come from teams based in the Southern Hemisphere – New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa.
  • When looking at the Rugby Championship, New Zealand has racked up the most wins, with Australia and South Africa lagging behind. Newcomers Argentina has not yet lifted the trophy. New Zealand’s winning streak does not seem as if it is going to come to an end soon.
  • Make sure that you don’t only look at a team’s most recent results when placing a bet as this may sometime skewer stats and lead you to make incorrect bets. It’s more important to do your research on the two teams involved in a match up to see whether or not other factors, such as team history, weather conditions or home and away form may affect results.

Rugby Betting FAQs

Can you bet on rugby?

Rugby betting allows you to bet on major rugby tournaments. You can bet on rugby at any reputable sportsbook.

 What is rugby handicap? 

Rugby handicap betting is the upper hand that sportsbooks give to one team to balance the game. The squad with the negative handicap needs to win by more than what the bookie sets.

 How do you read rugby betting odds? 

The odds for rugby are shown next to the teams who will be playing a certain match. Australian sportsbooks use the decimal system. Betting odds for rugby teams are displayed next to the team for different sites.

What does winning margin mean in rugby?

Rugby betting on the margin means that you are wagering on how many points the winning squad will win by. The winning margin is calculated with both clubs starting from nothing.

What are the best rugby betting sites? 

The best sites for betting on rugby includes the Neds, Ladbrokes and many more.

Can you earn money from rugby betting?

Yes, you can make cash from wagering on the sports but you need to be also open to losing.

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