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RBC Canadian Open

How RBC Canadian Open WorksAussies can bet on the RBC Canadian Open today! The RBC Canadian Open is one of the oldest golf tournaments on the PGA Tour that punter can enjoy. There have been prominent players who have graced the golf field and made bets worthwhile. Each year after the British Open, punters anticipate betting on the RBC Canadian Open. Luckily, we have the basics of what you need to know when you are about to wager. With the leading sportsbook to bet on the RBC Open, we suggest that you check out our sports betting tips.

The well-respected RBC Canadian Open is one of Canada’s most celebrated sports events. Get to experience what it feels like participate in the RBC Canadian Open. With golf being a gentleman’s sport it also requires a bit of patience. You don’t have to worry about this because golf betting odds are easy to understand with our expert guide. We’ve also included some betting options to choose from.

Best RBC Canadian Open Betting Sites 2020

Finding the best betting sites for golf fans doesn’t have to be a long search on the internet. Here is a list of the most trusted sites offering RBC Canadian Open betting online:

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How to Bet on the RBC Canadian Open

Which bet tickles your fancy? While there are many options available online. You’re welcome to check these golf betting options out.

  • Outrights – these bets are made on players to win the whole RBC Open. The player on the golf field that you bet on must perform better than your chosen opponent.
  • Head-to-Head Bets – punters put two golfers against each other which means the golfer you bet on must perform better than the opponent.
  • Day Bets – punters can bet on a particular day that a golf player will win on a certain day of the tournament.
  • Versus the Field – in the later stage of the tournament, punters can bet on which player take might second place and so forth. This doesn’t include the winner.

RBC Canadian Open Odds

To help you understand how odds work we have outlined an example of some typical odds Aussie bettors may come across:

Rory McIlroy 8.00

Dustin Johnson 12.00

Punters who want to calculate how much they can win on a wager is to multiply their stake by the odds next to the players name. For instance, an AU$100 bet on Rory McIlroy would payout AU$ 800. You can use the same method to calculate the outcome for Dustin Johnson. In this case, your winning would be AU$ 1440 if you bet an AU$120 on him.

To get the best deals, you need to shop around for odds.

Online RBC Canadian Open Betting Australia

RBC Canadian Open Betting Tips

With these general RBC Canadian Open betting tips, punters can make the most of their bets. Check them out here:

  • History of the Tournament – make sure that you follow the RBC Canadian to the tee. Have a look at the previous players and how they have been performing. Pay attention to the players and their form because form changes on different occasions.
  • Statistics – when placing a bet, look at the different stats that are available on the internet. This helps punters make better betting decisions.

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