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eSports Key Roles The popularity of eSports has taken over the world, the eSports key roles play a vital role in how the campy functions. With plenty of Australian punters who play eSports, there is a need to know about the contributors who make it all possible. We want to expand your knowledge beyond the playing field. The fans and streamers are known in the gaming industry and some eSports key roles are neglected. In this guide, we shine some light on organisations, sponsors, managers and coaches that are doing a remarkable job.

Without eSports key roles that come into play, the industry wouldn’t be this big today. It’s easy to play the games but let’s also appreciate the stakeholders who make the industry stand. We cover some of the people and companies who take on the eSports key functions. We can’t wait for you to read more about the significant roles each party plays in this leading industry below.

Top eSports Sportsbooks

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Key Roles In the eSports Industry

While we play eSports games, there are people who piece everything together. It only makes sense that we give them the recognition that they deserve.  We discuss the important roles of the following organisations in the eSports Industry:

The Game Developers and Publishers

There are companies that play a vital role in the creation of games. They spread the games to make sure that the eSports games reach the fans. There have only been a couple of developers that have fully accepted eSports thus far. In recent years, more developers have embraced eSports. We list the leading contributors below:

  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Valve Cooperation
  • Riot Games
  • Microsoft Studios
  • Electronic Arts
  • Capcom

Hosts and Events Organisations

The business, organiser, host tournaments and leagues are important as well. The platform that they provide for teams and players to show off their talent in events is pretty impressive.  They attract huge audiences from around the planet. Many third-party companies ensure that contests happen. We have named the most recognised companies:

  • Major League Gaming – the company organises contests all around North America. It features games such as StarCraft II.
  • ESL (Electronic Sports League) – this is one of the business to begin organising eSports contests. It runs a few famous games such as the ESL Pro league.
  • Gfinity – the company organises several live events and online tournaments for casual and professional gamers.

Gaming Bodies

While other sports such as football have governing bodies that regulate sports, eSports doesn’t have one. However, there are some organisations that can be called the governing bodies of eSports. The most notable ones are as follows:

  • World eSports Association (WESA)
  • International eSports Federation
eSports Key Roles Australian Guide

The Sponsors and Investors

Money has made it possible for eSports to flourish as one of the most prominent industries. Companies saw the potential of this booming space, and have invested money into the business. Sponsors contribute to the prizes. We list some of the companies that make a massive contribution here:

  • Shaquille O’Neal
  • Alisher Usmanov
  • Steve Aoki
  • Rick Fox
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Ashton Kutcher
  • Magic Johnson
  • Mark Cuban


Streamers broadcast their video game experience. Many fans like watching others play games, as a result, they draw in a large audience. Streamers can be amateurs or professional players. Most of these streamers document what is going on in the game. On the market right now, you will find these streamers:

  • Youtube
  • Twitch


Shoutcasters are commentators of eSports. They make watching eSports a great experience or it can turn into a disaster. Their aim is to make sure that they capture exciting moments so that people continue watching eSports. Shoutcasters have vast game knowledge that they share with the audience. It is their job to explain specific fights and give the reason why a certain team won or didn’t. The commentators are also storytellers that keep the audience engaged with the games.

Gamers and Managers

Most professional eSports players started off by playing for fun as casual gamers. The fans in the industry have drawn sponsors and investors into funding the business. Also, their vital role in playing all the games and following the eSports scene is what builds the industry. The eSports business is still growing in terms of managers, coaches and analysts. The management is primarily responsible for helping players and teams improve. They are also there to support their professional endeavours.

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