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Soccer Betting

soccer betting australia

Soccer betting is when you decide to place a bet on your favourite team for a particular match. Soccer is one of the most popular sports and form of sports betting around the world with hundreds of league matches across the globe.  Although soccer is not as loved as it is in Europe, there are still many punters who like watching the greatest league week-in out. Some love the game due to the number of betting opportunities it provides punters.

Our ultimate soccer betting guide, we provide punters with all they need to know about making wagers on the sport. We also provide a list of online sportsbooks with the best soccer odds. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and get started with winning soccer betting tips!

Top Soccer Betting Sites

These are the best soccer betting websites with the top soccer betting lines. So, place a cheeky wager on the UEFA Champion’s League or English Premier League here:

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How to Bet On Soccer

You bet on soccer by selecting a bet for a match and watch the game to see the results of your wager. If you’re looking for types of soccer bets, below is our quick start-up soccer guide and how soccer betting works:

  • 1×2 Bets – these are bets made on the outcome of a particular match. It differs from the standard moneyline bets available in other sports. There are three potential outcomes: win, draw or loss. Some sports (particularly, American sports) can’t end in draws so the draw option isn’t always offered.
  • Handicap (or Soccer Spread Betting) – these bets give an advantage to one team and disadvantage to another. If one team is favoured to win a matchup, sportsbooks will set a line the team will need to win by for bets on that team to be paid out. For example, in a matchup between Manchester United and Blackpool, bookies may give a 2-goal disadvantage to Manchester. This means that Manchester United will need to win by two goals or more for bets placed on them to payout.
  • Totals – punters bet on the total score of a game when placing such bets. Also, know as over/under bets, bettors attempt to predict whether a match’s scoreline will exceed the bookies predicted scoreline or not (hence, the nickname over/under). Some bettors believe that this is the easiest bet to make in soccer.
  • Picks and Parlays Soccer – these are bets made on multiple teams on a single betting sheet. If such a bet is to payout, the punter will have to predict each of the results included on the sheet correctly. This is more difficult, but the payout is so much sweeter.
how soccer betting works

Soccer Betting Tips

Best soccer betting tips will make you stand out from the average bettor. Aussie punters who make use of the ultimate strategy are able to make calculated moves. Our expert soccer betting tipsters have compiled this page to assist you.

  • Best Soccer Betting Odds – we say this on all our pages because it is true for all sports. When betting on any sort of event, you want to look for the sportsbook with the best odds on the match you want to bet on. That is the way you will make the most money.
  • Follow Top Soccer Betting Tipsters – believe it or not, there are bettors out there that make a living out of sports betting. Many of them run blogs or other services that are helpful in placing better bets. That said, do make sure that you do know the difference between a tipster who knows soccer very well and one that knows soccer betting very well.
  • Practice Bankroll Management – every punter needs to practice proper bankroll management if they are going to ensure that their gambling funds go far. This means ensuring that you don’t make stupid soccer betting predictions that waste more than 10% of your bankroll or chasing losses. When you gamble online, you have to accept that sometimes you are going to lose money. If you can’t accept that, then you probably shouldn’t be gambling.
  • Keep a Record of Your Bets – you can learn things from your past bets. The results and patterns you may notice may teach you a better approach to take the next time you place a soccer bet online. You could also discover which leagues and teams you’re better at predicting results on, which means you have the potential to hone in on those areas.

Soccer Odds

Odds are displayed at different bookmakers and bring about some form of competitiveness to bets. We always encourage you to weight the odds from one sportsbook to the other. The lines may change so you have to follow the right sites. Soccer odds are there to make the game interesting therefore make wise bets with them.

Soccer Bets Predictions

Current soccer stats predictions are vital aspects of any match. You keep track of soccer expert picks and trends on the internet by following the correct websites which have everything you need to know about the sport. You’ll know the schedule, team performance, and other game records.

Soccer Betting App

Bookmakers have stylish apps that you can install on your compatible mobile. The soccer betting app is used to bet on your most anticipated matches such as the  FIFA World Cup and EPL.

Popular Tournaments for Soccer Betting

Popular Soccer tournaments are there for a punters soccer betting pleasure. There are soccer events that happen throughout the year. With hundreds of soccer leagues across the world, bettors are not limited to the A-League (use soccer tips to start betting):

  • English Premier League (EPL) – the EPL is the world’s most popular soccer league due to the massively competitive nature of the sport. Every year the twenty biggest soccer teams in England and Wales compete to find out who is the best in the country. There are over 360 betting opportunities each year for Aussie punters to consider within the league.
  • La Liga – the Spanish premier football league might not be as competitive as the EPL but it is home to two of the most successful sporting clubs in the world – Real Madrid and Barcelona. While outright bets may be rather boring in the league, there are plenty of opportunities to place good total and handicap bets.
  • UEFA Champion’s League – the biggest multinational club competition in the world is home to some of the most memorable matchups in recent history, as well as some of the most surprising upsets. Predicting the eventual winner is anyone’s game. Have you got what it takes?
  • FIFA World Cup – the biggest sporting competition in the world provides many wonderful opportunities to place good soccer bets. With so many teams working hard to be named the best in the world, there are sure to be some upsets that make bettors either very happy or sad
  • Euro Cup – many soccer coaches consider the Euro Cup harder to win than the World Cup due to the supreme quality of European national soccer teams. There are interesting opportunities to place some outrights bets here with the underdog teams that have lifted the trophy on a couple of occasions in the last few decades.

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Soccer Betting FAQS

How does soccer betting work?

Firstly, you will have to open an account with one of our sportsbooks. Thereafter, make a deposit, decide which game you want to wager on, and select a type of bet.

Can I make a profit from soccer betting?

Yes, if you have a soccer strategy and remain consistent, you will make some cash.

How do I find value on soccer betting odds?

All you need to do is compare the soccer betting odds & lines from different sportsbooks.

Which is the best soccer betting site?

The best soccer betting sites  Neds, Unibet, and other trusted websites we have mentioned.

How can I win soccer betting?

To win soccer betting you’ll need a good soccer strategy and to know the types of betting options available.

When is it the right time to bet on soccer?

The appropriate time to bet on football is making sure that you follow the soccer calendar.