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AUSportsbetting Contact Us Bettors sometimes come across gambling problems, contact us at because we have the best team that offers punters valid sports betting information. We pride ourselves on providing punters with relevant and trustworthy content. Our exceptional team is on standby for any questions that punters may have. However, we can’t respond to emails all at once but we do try our best to get back to everyone.  Rest assured knowing that our gambling experts will attend to all gambling matters with a sense of urgency.

Before punters contact us they need to adhere to a few guidelines. The guidelines that you have to follow are discussed below. The process has no hidden clause and is straight forward. In the process of answering your questions, we also get to know the punters that bet on It makes our job worthwhile knowing that we have helped our valuable customers.


Australian punters are the only people who should contact us in regards to their gambling problems. opens its doors to bettors who have serious queries or need more details about sports betting. Don’t’ hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about how to claim bonuses or wagering related questions. We will attend to all questions as quickly as possible. There is some important information that we are going to need from you such as:

Affiliate managers – we have reputable programs that we review and promote. Therefore, we don’t want people to send us irrelevant information. This is not acceptable at any circumstance only contact us if you wish to provide promotional information on this site.

  • Your full name and relevant job title.
  • Your company’s registered name including a license number.
  • Include any details that have to do with offers that you are keen about.

Webmaster – all the information you need to contact us has been provided above. We suggest that you follow the instructions before getting a hold of us. We are not prepared to sell or buy links. We deal with partners that have an established reputation. If anything on our site interests you and is related to what you do, by all means send us all the relevant details and we will definitely hold you up for it.

We appreciate you for taking the time to read these guidelines before getting in touch with us. Our aim is to make the process as efficient as possible. Moreover, our dedicated team can’t wait to hear from you.

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