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Best AFL Betting

How to Bet on AFL in Australia

AFL betting is exciting for punters who watch the supersport. Placing bets on the AFL (also known as the Australian Football League) simply ups the ante, and makes watching games so much more exciting.  Options on the league are exceedingly common at online sportsbooks, how does your AFL betting history look like?

With the sporting league being the most-watched in the nation, it only makes sense that betting on the sport would be extremely popular with Aussies. Betting on the sport has almost grown into a national pastime itself. AFL betting data is readily available on the web with the latest picks and predictions for the 23 round regular season. The AFL season starts during the Australian winter from March to September. A cup of coffee is not the only thing that will keep you warm because bets on the league are hot and active during this time.

Thus, the AFL line betting is explained for punters who are eager to make bets.  So, this is the ultimate guide for new and old bettors. Here bettors will find all the best AFL betting tips and the sports best bets. Visit one of our recommended Australian sports betting sites and place wagers on Australian Rules upcoming games with great AFL betting lines today!

Top AFL Betting Sites 2020

These bookies provide Australian punters with the best AFL betting odds. It doesn’t matter whether bettors want to place a wager on the Grand Final or simple league games, they will have the best time here. They also provide AFL live odds:
Unibet Sportsbook

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Thelotter Sportsbook

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How to Bet on AFL

  • AFL Line Betting Explained – these bets are extremely popular at Aussie sportsbooks. Basically, the bookie sets an AFL betting line for a particular team to win by. Players can then bet on the favoured team or underdog to win the match. If bettors wager on the favoured team, the side will need to overcome a particular handicap. For example, if Richmond plays Carlton, a betting line may read Richmond +15.5. This means that Richmond needs to win by more than 15 points for any bet placed on them to payout.
  • Futures – these are outright bets on who will win the AFL Grand Final. AFL futures can be placed at any time of the season and generally tend to payout more due to it being so hard to predict who the eventual winner of the league will be at the end of the season.
  • AFL Wooden Spoon Betting – sports betting is not always about predicting who will win a league’s biggest prize. Punters are also able to bet on the AFL’s Wooden Spoon award customarily given to the team who finishes last in the league. Be on the lookout for updated AFL betting odds Wooden Spoon updates as the season progresses.
  • AFL Brownlow Betting – the Brownlow Medal is awarded to the best player in the AFL each season. Bettors monitor the performances of key players throughout the season and then place a bet on the player they feel will win the prestigious award. With so many great players in the league, it is difficult to wager to guess correctly.
  • Totals – are bets made on the total score of a game. Also known as over/under bets, players attempt to predict whether the final score of the game will exceed a specific number or come in below it.

AFL Betting Tips

AFL tips and tricks we can give players without having a look at the league table. We’ve outlined AFL strategy down below:

  • As with any sport you would like to bet on, it is important to do your research. Keep up to date with the latest happenings in the AFL before you place a bet. This way you will find learn the mitigating factors that affect the outcome of a game and thereby become better at predicting results. It is also important to note that AFL results tend to be somewhat more unpredictable than other sports, making it even more important to do your research on the sport.
  • Try to bet on big matchups, for example, the Western Derby or the ANZAC Day game, which often have unpredictable results. In these games, it often really doesn’t matter where a team is placed on the table as the emotionally-charged rivalry between the two teams often leads to rather unpredictable results.

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Online AFL Betting Sites

Latest AFL Betting Odds

Find current AFL odds at It is important to note that footy odds change as the season progresses and it becomes clear which sides are favored to appear in the Grand Final. We do our best to keep track of the ever-changing odds and recommend the side with the best AFL lines for every stage of the league.

The aim of our guide is to provide the latest football odds for every type of bet, including match results, outrights, props, and totals. It doesn’t matter what bet you’d like to make, we’ve got you covered with the sites with greatest AFL line betting and the best payouts. For more news on the sites with the best footy odds, be sure to have a look at our blog.

The AFL Grand Final is the biggest event on the Australian sporting calendar, so have a look at AFL betting data. It is also a big day at sportsbooks, all of which aim to provide punters with the best possible AFL premiership odds as well as a wide range of options. AFL betting premiership odds comparison at reliable sports betting sites is important to check.

With the season due to start up again in April, there aren’t in real predictions that can be made at this moment. Rest assured though that in preparation of the beginning of the season, popular sportsbooks will have a wide range of bets for punters to make. Including loads of different props.

In 2019, the AFL Grand Final will be played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on 28 September. Check out AFLW betting which is slowly climbing up the ladder. Decide which AFL betting forum to follow for current trends, news, and teams.

Top 10 AFL Teams

Here’s a list of the biggest AFL teams to bet on:

#1 Hawthorn Football Club

·         Founded: 1902

·         Nickname: Hawks

·         AFL Premierships: 13


Bet on Hawks

#2 Geelong Football Club

·         Founded: 1859

·         Nickname: Cats

·         AFL Premierships: 9

Bet on Cats

#3 Richmond Football Club

·         Founded: 1885

·         Nickname: Tigers

·         AFL Premierships: 12

Bet on Tigers

#4 West Coast Eagles

·         Founded: 1986

·         Nickname: The Eagles

·         AFL Premierships: 4

Bet on Eagles

#5 Collingwood Football Club

·         Founded: 1892

·         Nickname: Magpies

·         AFL Premierships: 15

Bet on Magpies

#6 Sydney Swans

·         Founded: 1874

·         Nickname: Swans

·         AFL Premierships: 5

Swan Bets

#7 Port Adelaide Football Club

·         Founded: 1870

·         Nickname: Power

·         AFL Premierships: 1

Bet On Power

#8 Essendon

·         Founded: 1872

·         Nickname: Bombers

·         AFL Premierships: 16

Betting On Bombers

#9 North Melbourne

·         Founded: 1869

·         Nickname: Kangaroos

·         AFL Premierships: 4


Bet On North Melbourne

# 10 Carlton Football Club

·         Founded: 1864

·         Nickname: Blues

·         AFL Premierships: 16


Bet On Carlton


AFL FAQs for Betting

What are the betting odds for the AFL grand final?

You need to check out different bookies for the latest odds and compare different sites.

Who decides the Norm Smith Medal?

The winner of the medal needs to be chosen by five former players which also include media personalities and a member who will be a chair.

Who has won the most AFL premierships in a row?

The most Grand Finals have been played by Collingwood, the team won four straight finals. Carlton and Essendon were victorious in the premiers on 16 occasions.

What is the AFL trophy called? 

The Australian Football League honors the best team in a normal season with the McClelland Trophy. The trophy is given to the top-performing club every year since 1951.

What is the oldest AFL team?

Geelong and Melbourne are two of the oldest Australian Football teams.

Who is the best AFL team? 

Some of the best teams in  the AFL include:

  1. Geelong Cats
  2. Hawthorn Hawks
  3. West Coast Eagles
  4. Sydney Suns
  5. Richmond Tigers

Why is AFL the best sport?

AFL players exhibit many qualities from power, speed, and endurance. They are talented and show good sportsmanship.

Has any AFL team gone undefeated? 

In 1929, Collingwood went through the season unbeaten in home and away games.

Who is the best AFL player?

Listed are some of the greatest players of all-time in the AFL:

  1. Leigh Matthews
  2. Gary Ablett Senior
  3. Dick Reynolds
  4. Wayne Carey
  5. Ian Stewart

Which AFL team has the most fans?

According to the yearly the Roy Morgan AFL club supporter’s findings, Sydney Swans have 1.100 million fans.

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