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Sports Betting – Online Sports Betting Australia

Best Australian Sports Betting is Australia’s favorite guide to the best sports betting websites with the latest odds, picks, tips to help you get the most of your sports betting online activity. Sports betting in Australia is a multi-dollar wagering industry that has evolved in recent years with endless betting opportunities. About 3.8 million Australians bet regularly. Nowadays, mobile devices allow you to download impressive betting apps for the ultimate experience. Discover popular sports around the world at top sports betting sites that give you great offers. It is legal in the state to engage in grand sports like the Melbourne Cup, Australian Open and many more which become exciting when attached to a bet. The great thing about wagering is being able to follow your favourite sports and bet at the same time. sports have recent sports betting statistics Australia, predictions on all sports. Be sure to find exceptional reviews that give you direction in this booming betting market. We aim to make the plight of avid bettors easier by listing reputable bookmakers. Each provides optimal thrills and excitement to look forward to when wagering. It can be difficult to get the best online sports betting sites. It involves having a look at several different aspects of a sports betting site, like betting lines.

Every time we review top-notch sportsbooks, we make sure that they are capable of offering you at the very least a safe betting experience. We ensure this by placing bets at these premium bookmakers ourselves and comparing the odds to other best sportsbooks.With top-rated sportsbooks and apps that you can use for your favourite sports, there isn’t an excuse for why you can’t bet. In this guide,you will find everything you need to know so you can turn betting into an exciting hobby..

Best Sports Betting Websites

5Top Australian Sports Betting Sites 2019
  1. Neds
    Top Rated Sport Betting Site
    Neds Sportsbook
  2. Unibet
    unibet Sportsbook
  3. Thelotter Sportsbook
    Thelotter Sportsbook Sportsbook
  4. 10Bet Sport
    TitanBet Sportsbook
    5 Sportsbook

These are all the top-rated Aus sports betting sites. Find the widest range of betting options with the best odds at these great sportsbooks. Punters will be able to fill sports betting cards with a number of amazing bets.

Sports Betting Online

Find the Top Sports Betting Website Australia

You can bet on sports at the best sports betting site in Australia. We have a list of online bookmakers that have generous betting offers.

Here’s how to compare and select top-rated sports betting websites:

  1. Look for reviews online – Sportsbook reviews that speak positively about sites should be taken into consideration. Therefore, use different website reviews to make a decision.
  2. Check out offers from the Website – you need to go with the sportsbook that has suitable deals for your betting needs and make an informed decision thereafter.
  3. Sports Betting Odds – to find the best value in odds you must analyse competitive odds and make a selection.
  4. Secure Payment Methods – A bookmaker that has a variety of payment options allows you to choose how you want to fund and withdraw from your account. Safe payment is a factor you should think about.
  5. Available Sports – punters who have a passion for sports have to choose websites that have a variety of sports. It’s essential for the bookies location to be where the punter resides.
  6. Credible Websites – Ned’s is one of the leading sports betting sites in Australia closely followed by other sites we’ve mentioned above.
  7. Online Betting Apps –having an app as a tool to bet online is simple because everything becomes accessible on your portal. 

Sports Betting App

Sports Betting Apps AUS

Excellent sports betting apps have made betting more accessible. Smartphone betting is the way to go in this digital age. “Australia’s smartphone penetration level sites at 84%- the fourth largest market globally” according to the Deloitte Mobile Customer which means more betting apps can be installed.

Download sports betting apps on your mobile. Good betting applications on your tablet or iPhone devices allow you to bet with ease on famous sports around across the globe. Firstly, read the sports betting app reviews before you insert the betting tool.

More of the biggest bookmakers are investing money in developing their mobile websites and best AUS sports betting apps. As a result, plenty of punters are making bets using their portable devices to get a better wagering experience on the internet. Horse racing is a big deal in AU and Ned’s or TitanBet provide you with the best horse racing apps.

How to install a sports betting app?

This is how to install a sports betting app to get started:

  • Register or sign in to your account
  • Download the app on your device and bet on sports

Devices Compatible with Sports Betting

Here are devices that are compatible with sports betting:

  • Apple iOS
  • Ned’s is the best betting app to have on Android
  • Windows
  • Blackberry
  • Desktop
  • Laptop

Sports Betting Tips

Australian Sports Betting Tips

We have value tips for the day which are crafted by experts to improve your skills in betting. A way to win a bet all the time is to use the best tipping service so you can grow in the betting industry and reach your goal! has betting tips sites. Our team is made up of avid sports bet aficionados who frequently go out looking for the latest and greatest winner tricks.

The best way to bet on sports successfully is to focus on a particular sport. Thereafter, take a glance through these sports betting tips today:

  1. We’re always looking at how teams are performing as well as the current changes in team management. Paying attention to these factors allows our staff to provide bettors with some top betting tips  Australia that aren’t available anywhere else.
  2. AU patrons should always remember that a tip does not indicate that a punter will be guaranteed a win when they make bets on the internet. However, the best sports to bet on include AFL, cricket, tennis, horse racing and the like. Thus, always take tips with a grain of salt and use your discretion when making bets based on them.
  3. All of our betting tips are provided by informed gambling Australia professionals. Check out our betting blog which has daily sports betting picks also happens to be one of the biggest on the internet for the most up to date tips and tricks.

Sports Betting Picks

top sports to bet on in australia

All major sports are covered by our team to give you free expert picks daily for your bets. We understand the importance of trends, team injuries, and other metrics and provide you with the sports picks of the day.

This means you can spend less time researching because we have your back. With relevant statistics and data we’ve gathered, helps you develop a great game plan with recent predictions for matches.

How to Find the Right Online Sports Betting Reviews

As the cream of every crop on the web, every bookmaker review we feature on is thoroughly checked and has recommended cutting-edge sites.

We focus on the following aspects when conducting the best sports betting review:


  • Safety – first and foremost, we try to make sure that the bookies we recommend to you are safe to use. This means ensuring that they use secure methods to encrypt all interactions between bettors and the site, such as 128-bit SSL encryption. We also make sure that the site is regulated and licensed by appropriate gambling authorities.
  • Top bookmakers with the best odds – essentially, punters make more money when they place sports bets at bookies with the highest odds. The sportsbooks featured here all offer punters amazing sports betting line offers, meaning that they’ll earn the biggest real-money prizes they can with their bets.
  • Sports – football betting is not the only thing under the sun at the sportsbook options we recommend. There are loads of different sports available at the sportsbooks we suggest.
  • Tipping Services – along with the research that is required to place successful sports bets, some players like to get inside tips on sporting events before placing wagers. We do try to find and recommend top sports betting websites with wagering tipping services.

Sports Betting Strategy

Internet sports betting

Strategize with a recommended strategy that works for betting are available for punters. We also inform bettors on a sports betting strategy that is meant for different sports, which will allow them to select which is the best betting winning strategy for them.

It is important to note though that there are no guaranteed sports betting systems. As the results of matches are not predetermined, it is impossible to know that a single strategy will always s result in a successful bet.

Always keep in mind this betting strategy if you want to be a successful bettor:

  • Money Management – this best sports betting system focuses on ensuring that punters don’t go bust by making ill-informed bets. Here we will teach AU bettors to manage their bankroll efficiently.
  • Predictive Betting Analytics Models – these sports betting strategies involve building a model that will help you determine the probability of particular outcomes. It is a very difficult task to accomplish but if Aussies can build a successful model, they place successful bets more often.
  • Line Shopping – remember that gambling platforms often offer different odds for the same match. If you would like to place a bet on a particular game, it is in your interest to look at a range of the best internet bookmaker in Australia to find the top line.

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How to Review Betting Sites

The best sports betting site reviews are conducted in the interest of punters. Before you bet at any sports betting websites, we suggest that punters take a look at the top sports betting reviews at sportsbooks. These are useful reviews that can be used by patrons when they decide which sports betting site they would like to register with.

There are plenty of sites that will try to convince you that they are the biggest in the market. To produce the best sports betting reviews, individual sportsbooks are scrutinized. Remember the best sports betting Australia reviews list includes a site that is recommended and ticks all the safety measures plus offers a great betting experience.

Sports Betting Odds

best australian sports betting tips

Finding the best sports betting odds can be tricky. Bettors are advised to search for different sportsbooks for betting lines. The lines are available to increase their potential outcome.

There are many web sports betting websites such as Unibet and Youwager that have good odds displayed whenever there is a huge event. Punters must do a sports odds comparison from different bookies.

It’s difficult to bet on any sport if you don’t know what the odds are for a certain team or player. That’s why you should understand how betting odds are calculated. The odds for an event are summed up using the decimal system in Australia. Sometimes represent odds in a fractional format. Make use of the odds comparison calculator to work out your winnings.

Most Popular Sports to Bet On

online sports betting reviews checklist

The top sporting events to bet on are listed with Australians betting above AU$ 242 billion. The bookmakers we recommend offer a wide range of matches, events, and competitions to bet on.

See which sports is the best to bet on:

  • Football Betting Australia– it would make sense that top AU betting would offer numerous wagering options for the most popular sport in Australia. Bet on league matches, the final eight or the grand final and you could win big prizes.
  • Cricket – the gentlemen’s game is one of the most-watched sports in the world. The captain of the baggy greens is often seen as the second in command of the nation in some households. Make this sport even more exciting by placing a wager on international and local match-ups, including the Ashes and the Big Bash League.
  • Basketball – basketball has a large following in Australia. It doesn’t matter whether you want to bet on the NBA or NBL (or any other basketball league for that matter), your basketball betting needs will be covered at the best AU betting sites.
  • Soccer – the best Australian sites offer punters hundreds of soccer betting options based on the world’s most popular leagues, including the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and more.
  • Rugby – bet on the greatest Rugby League or Union games in Australia. Place on any National Rugby League (NRL) or Super Rugby game that takes your fancy.
  • Tennis – some of the world’s most exciting sports matchups have come from tennis. Bet on the Australian Open, or any other Grand Slam tournaments.
  • Horse Racing – there are many options when it comes to horse racing. Australians can follow their loved horse races and bet on them using the best sports betting bookies.
  • Motorsports – bet on the world’s most popular racing events, including the world-renown Australian Grand Prix.

Types of Sports Bets


Different forms of sports bets can be seen at the best Australian betting sites. Bettors have a range of different betting options available which makes wagering simple.

All bets on sports happen after a form of wager is selected, a good bet requires you to study the game beforehand and weigh your options.

Some of the most popular types of bets include the following:

  • Fixed Odds Betting, Straight Bet, Win Bet or Moneyline Bet – despite being known by multiple names, this is probably the simplest type of bet. With this bet, all punters do is select a winner. If their prediction is correct, they win.
  • Spread Betting – although initially popular in the US, spread betting has become increasingly popular around the world. The best sports spread betting sites adds an advantage or disadvantage to a particular team or player. For example, if in the AFL, Richmond plays Carlton, sportsbooks might peg Richmond to win. In spread bets, a point difference will be added for Richmond to win by.
  • Proposition Betting or Side Bets – these bets are made on the occurrence of a particular action in the game. For example, in a cricket game between Australia and South Africa, a punter might suggest that Steven Smith will hit five 6s. If Smith can reach this goal, the punter will be paid out.
  • Futures/Outrights – future or outright bets involve selecting an overall winner for a competition long before the final. For example, a punter my select the Los Angeles Lakers to win the NBA Championship before any team has even made the playoffs.
  • Over/Under or Totals – punters try to predict the overall score of the game, points combined. For example, in a rugby game between New Zealand and Australia, sportsbooks might predict the score of the game to reach 59. Bettors can then bet that the total score will be over or under this estimation.

How to Deposit at Sports Betting Sites

top-rated banking options australia

A way to fund your betting account after choosing a suitable bookie is to pick a payment method then transfer the amount.  The general time it takes to withdraw money is 24 hours for Neteller and Skrill, other bookmakers may differ. It takes 1-5 working days for Debit or credit card cashouts.

Australians can make a sports bet on the internet using convenient banking methods. Firstly, they’re going to have to place a real money deposit in their account.

If they win the bet, they are going to want to withdraw their winnings from the fastest betting sites we have mentioned.

Some secure and easy payment and withdrawal banking options include the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Debit and Credit Cards
  • POLi Internet Banking
  • B Pay
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

Popular Sports

Top 10 Online Sportsbooks

Listed below are the top 10 sports betting websites in Australia.

  • Madbookie
  • Neds
  • Ladbrokes
  • Youwager
  • BetEasy
  • Unibet
  • TopBetta
  • Titanbet
  • Draftstars
  • ClassicBet

Online Gambling

australia online gambling

Gambling is discussed for the best interest of punters. Most avid sports bettors tend to know where to draw the line in gambling. However, unfortunately, there are a few bettors that do not know when to stop.

There are 6.8 million gamblers in Australia and a number of them may have a gambling problem. Gambling is not seen as a career in the state, therefore, gamblers do not pay tax.  Almost AU$20 billion was spent on gambling so if you are a person or know of someone who is struggling with gambling addiction,  look at the help centers down below.

They provide the most important gambling information to help in identifying the warning signs of problem gambling and provide the necessary support to address such issues.

Always remember that gambling online Australia should be a fun pastime. If it seems to be taking over your life or is putting emotional and financial on yourself and your loved ones, you need to walk away.


  • Gamblers Anonymous
  • Problem gambling help online or call 1800 858 858
  • Gam-Anon

Sports Betting Laws Australia

Australian betting law states that betting online is legal. The Interactive Gambling Act 2001(IGA) was passed by the Australian Government. There are licensed web-based wagering sites that are accessible and adhere to the law. The laws differ from one state to the next, New South Wales and Victoria permit betting activity.

It is the responsibility of the sportsbook to be in line with the IGA laws and not Australians. The Northern Territory Gambling Commission regulates many bookies on the internet.

Unfortunately, live betting is prohibited in the state any many bookmakers are against this. Many residents of the state want the live betting law to change. The sites have to follow the rules stated by the gambling regulatory members.

Gambling is not without its problems, 41% of punters went through gambling-related issues. We encourage responsible wager to bettors.

SportsBettingFAQsfaqs for sports wagering in australia

Is sports betting legal in Australia?

Yes, betting is legal in Australia. There are strict regulations that every sportsbook needs to follow to receive a license in the nation. Live sports betting is banned, which thus prohibits sportsbooks from offering the option to bet on matches that are already taking place.

When did sports betting become legal in Australia?

Sports betting became legal in Australia when the state passed the Interactive Gambling Act in 2001.

How many people bet in Australia?

People who bet in Australia are more than half a million according to the Australian Gambling Research Centre.

What is sports betting?

Sports betting is an activity that requires punters to place a wager on the end result of a sports game. Bettors win wagers if they can correctly guess the result of the game and lose them if they can’t.

Can sports betting be profitable?

Yes, profitable betting can be achieved if you have a strategy in mind. Real-money sports wagering gives you the most profitable events you can imagine.

What is the biggest sports bet ever?

The biggest sports wager ever made was by William Lee Bergstrom from the US, in 1980 which amounts to $777 000 (US$2.41 million nowadays).

What are the best betting apps?

The biggest betting apps are Betway and TAB are the best apps. All of the above-listed sites offer their wagering gambling apps for mobile devices.

Are Australian sports betting sites safe?

Yes. As long as you select one of the sports betting site Australia options recommended here you are safe. The most important thing is to only sign up at sportsbooks that are licensed and regulated.

What sports do betting sites offer?

Bookmakers offer  AFL, rugby, NRL, cricket, basketball, and other sports.

Is sports betting possible on my mobile in AUS?

Yes. Your mobile phone is compatible you can download apps. This way you will have access to great mobile sports in the market.