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Types of Golf Bets

Best Types of Golf Bets A growing number of punters all over Australia like betting on different golf tournaments throughout the year. Firstly, if you want to wager on golf you have to know the options you have. The types of golf bets are there for punters to select a preferred wager they would like to make on a specific golf match. With a number of golf wagers offered during the golf event, players are spoilt for choice. There are pleasures that come with betting on golf tournaments.

Think about the many types of golf bets that you have access to. The remarkable golf tournaments bring fans from all over the world. After you read about the types of golf sports betting options, you‘ll soon want to bet. Players who like golf enjoy wagering on golf events. Golf is not only entertaining but requires punters to practice a little bit of patience.

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Best Types of Golf Bets

We list the different golf bets below:

  • Winner Bets – players guess who will win a golf tournament on a specific day.
  • First Round Winner Bets – punters bet on the player who will win the first round of the golf tournament.
  • Head-to-Head Bets – this wager involves you choosing to pin two golf players against each other. You can select one player you think will win.
  • 3-Ball Bet – big tournaments are often started in groups of three. The bet is placed on the winner.
  • 6-Shooter Bet – sportsbooks form a digital group of 6 golf players that are compatible. The aim is to predict the group winner correctly.
  • Top 10 Placement – (also known as top 5 placement) the sportsbook sets the odds for this type of wager. The odds are reduced if you bet on your favorite players.
  • Double Bets – these wagers have to be precise. You wager on which golfers will take first, second place and the list goes on.
  • Double Chance – with this wager, you choose two players you think will win the event. If no one wins then your wager becomes invalid.
  • European or American team – punters wager on the team that wins and also has the best European or American golfer.
  • Hole-in-One – you wager on a golfer who will make a hole-in-one.
  • Betting on a Play-off – if two golfers in the first position are tied after seventeen holes, you can wager on whether the tournament will be decided by a play-off.

These kinds of golf bets are there for you to take advantage of. You can choose a suitable wager for each match. We suggest that you have fun and experiment with different wagers. Start wagering on golf right away!

Types of Golf Bets Australia

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