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PUBG Betting

Best PUBG Betting Sites PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds also called PUBG is a player vs player battle royal game. The game is constantly drawing audiences from around the world. Australians can bet on this action-packed game using reputable sportsbooks. PUBG has achieved a lot during its short time in the gaming scene. There are types of bets that you can select on this page. If you are a newcomer and don’t know how to wager on PUBG, we have everything you need to get you started. The betting strategy makes sure that you catch up to the pros of the game.

Whether you want to play in a team or as a single player, you can decide. What makes PUBG stand out from other shooters is that the map is large and it’s not repetitive. So, if you are looking for a game with a different spin to it, PUBG is what you need! Video game fans around the planet love the game and it is easy to see why. You don’t have to take our word for it, bet on the famous game at best sports betting sites and find out.

Best PUBG Betting Sites

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What is PUBG?

As we have previously mentioned PUBG is a player vs. player online battle royal game. The game was published by PUBG Cooperation. There are up to 100 players who battle it out until one player or team wins. There are a variety of modes like the solo, duo and squad games. These modes are accessible in the first or third person. The game begins with players parachuting from a plane into a map. The game moves according to the flight direction that is taken.  Players land on the map without any weapons.

Throughout the game, there will be items that players can find in specific locations. If a player has been shot, you are able to take their gear and carry on playing. For players who are eager to bet on PUBG, they need to be on the lookout for the “red zone” this bomb will kill players instantly. The “circle” area of the map shifts individual games and will become smaller in minutes. This is created for fights to start between players and speed up the game.

How to Bet on PUBG?

There are many betting lines that are available at the best Australia betting sites. The bets that punters can expect at esports betting sites are listed below:

  • Moneyline – these are bets on who will win a singular PUBG game. The result of the bet is determined by the outcome of this specific match.
  • Outrights– these are bets made on which team might win the whole event.
  • Totals – players can wager on the final score of the matchup. Depending on the type of tournament, there are limited ways in which the score can go.
  • Handicaps – punters can make handicap wagers on PUBG. There are many opportunities that come with this bet.

PUBG Betting Odds

Australian sportsbooks use the easiest format to understand which is the decimal system. Even though there are other formats, you don’t have to worry about them now. When it comes to PUBG betting lines, players will find that betting options will be shown as follows:

SuperNayr (2.1) vs  Savior (3.00)

The calculations for the above players will be done like this; stake x the number next to the player. For example, if you wager AU$100 on SuperNayr, the calculation would be 100 x 2.1. Therefore players stand the chance of winning $210. The amount which we summed up involves both the players winnings and their stake.

It is vital to check out the odds-on offers at different betting sites. This is your opportunity to make sure that you get the best odds. Scroll up and compare the odds at our top-rated betting sites.

PUBG Defined

PUBG Betting Strategy

Like with any other game, it’s good to have a strategy. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a fresh game that requires you to have a reliable betting strategy.  Here are some points punters should considering when betting on PUBG:

  • Look For Experienced Teams or Players – punters who are thinking of wagering on PUBG should check out how experienced the player or team is. This involves following up on them and being up-to-date with what’s happening.
  • Stream – players should follow PUBG stream on twitch and other websites. These platforms will give you more information about the players. Pubg mobile – include this keyword, it’s the second one on semrush.
  • Team Matches – it is better to make wagers on team matches with squads. This is because it you can likely predict the outcome of the game than for the solo modes.
  • Play the Game – it’s best to play the game for you to understand the mechanics of how the game works. There is no point in us sharing the strategy if you are not planning on playing the game. So, go on and play already!

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