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League of Legends Betting

Online League of Legends BettingLeague of Legends betting (also known colloquially as LoL betting) is alive and growing in Australia. With the League of Legends World Championships being as popular as it is, this really is an unsurprising fact. Each year esport tournaments surrounding this game garner millions of viewers, with many fans seeking to place a cheeky wager on these exciting competitions. If you are one such punter, we’ve crafted the ultimate LoL betting guide with all you need to know. Read on down below to learn how to bet on esports tournaments at sports betting sites, tips and tricks for when doing so and so much more!

Best League of Legends Betting Sites 2020

If you’re looking to place a wager on a League tournament, then look no further! These are all LoL betting sites that offer great odds and bets. Place a wager on your favourite team now at the touch of a button using any of the sites down below.
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How to Bet on LoL

With esports currently still only penetrating mainstream markets, it is safe to say that not all that many punters are familiar with the types of bets you can make on these tournaments. Below is a quick start up guide to the League of Legends betting Market:

  • Match Result – these are the simple moneyline bets that are available when betting on pretty much any other sport in the world. Basically, punters select a winner and if that team wins, the punter is paid out.
  • Correct Score – similar to other sports, bettors attempt to guess the final score of the match they are betting on it. This bet is pretty much only available when teams are playing best of series. There are only a limited number of options here, unlike with other sports like soccer, which makes them more appealing for some punters.
  • Handicaps – if a notable strong team is playing a weaker team, you may want to place a handicap bet. This gives the stronger a team scoreline to reach before any bets that are placed on the team will payout. If the stronger team fails to reach the score, the bet will not payout.
  • Maps Total – punters attempt to predict how many maps punters will be played in the match. Basically, think of it like in tennis where bettors attempt to predict how many sets it will take for the match to find a winner. In a best of three series, it is possible to see either two or three maps based on the results of the contest. Punters try to predict this.

Best League of Legend Betting Tips

If you’re looking to bet on this world-famous MOBA, we’ve got some LoL betting tips that you need to keep in mind when placing you wager. While we definitely won’t say that we can guarantee you a win, we will say that you increase your chances of making successful bets when keeping the following tips in mind:

  • Study the Game – playing video games and betting on video games are two very different things. It is one thing to play League of Legends and be bad at it, and another to understand how the game is meant to be played properly. Before you bet on any sort of LoL tournament, you need to make sure that you understand how the game is played.
  • Study Patches – it is important to understand that Riot Games is constantly updating their hit title. With each update comes changes to the design of the game and how it is played, some heroes could see adjustments made to their stats. You don’t want to be caught by surprise when a particular character is nerfed.
  • Study Players – it is important to remember that each team is made up of fiver players who are good at fulfilling different roles in the team. You want to make sure that you study each player’s stats before making a bet. We suggest you look at things such as K/D ratios, gold per minute and experienced gained in the match before placing your bet.
  • Don’t Bet on Best of One Matches – it could be difficult to predict a winner with an outcome that is decided on a single match. The reason is that it leaves room for upsets. For a better chance of placing a successful bet, we recommend only betting on best of three or five series.
League of Legends Betting Online Australia

LoL Betting Odds Explained

If the only thing holding you back from betting on League of Legends is understanding how odds work, well, you’re in luck as we’re about to explain how to down below. Ultimately, there are three different formats in which odds can be displayed: American, decimal and fractional. Australian sportsbooks tend to favour the decimal format, which is what we will stick to explaining for this moment. (If you want to learn about the other two, head over to our sports betting guide.)

So, let’s say you want engage in some League of Legends World Championships betting and Fnatic and Invictus Gaming have made it to the final this year, it’s highly likely that sports books will display odds on a match result bet like this:

Fnatic (2.63) vs Invictus Gaming (1.44)
Punters will be able to calculate their odds by multiplying their stake (the amount they want to bet) by the decimal next to the team name. For example, if you place an AU$100 bet on Fnatic, you will be paid out AU$263 if they win. This amount includes both your initial wager and your winnings. Through calculating this, we are also able to see that sportsbooks favour Invictus Gaming to win as punters will earn less for betting on them.

Now that you know how to read odds, you are ready to go bet on the next League of Legends esports event online. Just make sure to shop around for odds before doing so.

Past League of Legends Worlds Winners

Sometimes, betting on past winners seems to be a good idea. If there is anything to learn from looking at the list of winners below, it is that betting on a team from South Korea may bring you good fortune in the League of Legends World Championships:

2011 FnaticEurope
2012 Taipei AssassinsTaiwan
2013 SK Telecom T1South Korea
2014 Samsung Galaxy WhiteSouth Korea
2015 SK Telecom T1South Korea
2016 SK Telecom T1South Korea
2017 Samsung GalaxySouth Korea
2018 Invictus GamingChina

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