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Esports Tournaments and Leagues

Top eSports Tournaments and Leagues to Bet OnDiverse esports tournaments and leagues attract audiences in Australia and the globe. The leading tournaments and leagues are in venues such as Staple Centre. Fans anticipate in the events all the time. The tournaments and leagues draw in a live crowd. Millions live stream the games. Nowadays winning esports tournaments and leagues is a serious thing. There are plenty of events that will appeal to punters. The esports industry is rapidly growing. More so, new contests are introduced often, punters are really spoilt for choice!

You can’t always know what esports tournaments and leagues to look out for. Therefore, we provide a range of the biggest tournaments and leagues to keep punters on the loop. A simple explanation about the games is found in our expert guide. Top recommended esports tournaments and leagues betting sites are on this page for whenever you want to play. Read more about the relevant esports leagues and tournaments that you can look forward to below.

Best Esports Tournaments and Leagues Betting Sites

With a variety of popular games to select, punters will definitely find a game they like. We’ve listed the best betting websites to make your gaming experience fun.
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Overview – Esports Tournaments and Leagues

Esports tournaments and leagues have a number of organisers that run the show. The biggest third party esports organisation on the planet is Electronic Sports League. There are a couple of sporting organisations that are collaborating with gaming publishers to come up with new esports leagues.

Below are tournaments and leagues you should know about:

GS: Go Leagues and Tournaments

In 2013, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive first released several leagues and competitions which happen around the world. These leagues are sponsored by Valve and organized by third party organisers.

  • GS: Go Pro League – this is a premier global league for the game and features several month pro leagues sessions in Europe and North America. Twelve teams engage in each country. The Go Pro League takes place around the Valve leading tournaments and runs in multiple offline finals hosted in England, North America and Germany when the year ends.
  • Eleague – Counter Strike: Global offensive is this league’s main featured game. Sixteen of the greatest CS:GO teams are chosen from around the planet to be a part of the Eleague.

Dota 2 Tournaments and Leagues

Dota 2 was launched in 2013 with publisher Valve Corporation.

  • Dota Major Championships – major and minors are events that lead to the Internationals at the end of the year. The minimum prize for Majors is $1 million and $125,000 for Minions.
  • The Internationals – the yearly World Championship Dota 2 is operated by Valve and is the biggest esports paying tournament in the planet. The international has 18 of the top teams who are personally invited or qualified.

FIFA 18 Tournaments and Leagues

It’s no surprise that football is one of the popular sports around the world. That’s why there’s been growth of multiple competitive leagues for the yearly FIFA game.

  • Electronic Major League Soccer – the e-League for FIFA operated by Major League Soccer. Players who play in the Electronic major League will represent their most loved club in the EA Sports FIFA 18 Global Series.
  • FIFA Global Series – players who make the top 60 points on their play station and Xbox leader boards will qualify through the FIFA Global Series. The best 32 players will play at the eWorld Cup Grand Final.
  • Football Federation Australia E-League – this is the e-League for FIFA 18 operated by Football Federation Australia. It enables the players to represent their loved A-League club.
Top eSports Tournaments and Leagues


Halo has been thriving in the esports scene which has culminated in a yearly tournament series.

  • Halo world Championship – this is the biggest esports event hosted for Halo. It is sponsored by Halo developer 343 industries. Multiple teams battle for points and overall standing which takes them to the Championship final.

League of Legends

Several leagues are found across the world which is sponsored by Lol and Riot Games. These are the leagues:

  • League of the Legends Championship Korea – it is a premier League of Legends event in South Korea. This path leads to the International World Championships qualification.
  • League of Legends Pro League – premier League of Legends contest that take place in China. It allows the eligibility for the International World Championships.
  • Oceanic Pro League – this is the premier League of Legends esports tournaments in Australia and Oceania. It provides a path way for the International World Championships qualification.
  • League of the Legends World Championship – the yearly League of the Legends contest is presented by Riot Games. Twenty four of the best teams from around the globe take part.

Overwatch Tournaments and Leagues

Overwatch has a number of esports tournaments and leagues. We list the games below:

  • Overwatch League – the premier league for Overwatch operated by Blizzard Entertainment. Teams from South Korea, North America and UK. It’s was one of the new popular esports leagues in 2018.
  • Overwatch Open –has the best teams from Europe and North America competing to win the prize money.
  • Overwatch World Cup – the overwatch esports contest hosted by Blizzard Entertainment. The teams come together to compete in a 32 round.

NBA 2K Tournaments and Leagues

2K league is a leading NBA 2K esports league. The league features 5v5 matches. Players use MyPlayers which are given by the 2K League with a rating of about ninety respectively.

These are some of the notable games we thought our punters would appreciate. There are plenty of games which can be found when you search on your browser. All you have to do is choose a game that you want to try out. After, scroll up and check out our reputable esports tournament and league betting sites.

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