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Teasers and Pleasers Betting

Teasers and Pleasers Betting Teasers and pleasers are easy to understand regardless of how fancy they may sound.  Both these wagers are a form of parlay bets that are offered at many Australian betting sites. The odds of a punter winning with a straight moneyline wager are the same as teasers and pleasers. The upside of such bets is that you can make a lot of money from small stakes. Punters can win teasers many times but the payout is less while rarely win pleasers and get a lot of money.

If you are not really certain about parlay wagers, then go through our in-depth parlay guide. It’s imperative to understand the basics of how parlays work. Teasers and pleasers merge multiple separate bets to create a single ticket. For you to get your payout each individual selection must win. You need to take into account that if one part of the card losses, you have lost the whole bet. Discover more about teasers and pleasers in our sports betting guide below.

Best SportsBooks for Teasers and Pleasers

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What Are Teasers and Pleasers?

A teaser is a type of parlay bet in which the punter has the chance to move a point spread in an advantageous direction. This makes the separate bets much easier to win. Players choose the teams their teasers will have. The process consists of the number of teams and the stake the amount they would like to alter the point spread. The frequent options in terms of how a teaser wager moves the line and between 6 and 7.5 with every half-integer in between being able to pick too.

Pleaser wagers have the same concept as teasers. The difference here is that the pleaser moves the line the opposite direction which makes the point spread favourable for the punter. Moreso, the more you decide to move the line the odds become longer and the payout increases.

Types of Ties

In order to continue, you need to know what happens when a single wager ties, which our guide explains below. There are different ways which the draws are dealt with. We list the three ways in which ties can be treated:

  • Ties Win – whichever wager on the parlay that results in a tie after shifting the point spread is a win for the punter.
  • Ties Lose – bets that are in a tie mean that the bettor losses.
  • Ties Remove – the wagers are that are shifted are taken off the card and eliminated from the odds.

In some cases, punters can select what ties end up in or the sportsbook chooses what happens. The way the ties are settled will affect how the odds shift.  Ties that are a win are favourable to the punter because they make the odds of winning higher which results in a lower payout. Winning a parlay is difficult and lucrative.

How Teasers and Pleasers Work

In the following example, the ties below will be lowered.


If you decide to try any of the three NFL team teaser with the point spread shifted by 5.

  • New York Giants -4
  • New Eagle Patriots +2
  • Seattle Seahawks +3

This means that the line will move 5 points in the bettors favour. The new lines will be represented like this:

  • New York Giants 1
  • New Eagle Patriots 7
  • Seattle Seahawks 9

As you can see, it’s easy to win; the payout in the above is even higher.


Let’s take a look at the pleaser as an example, the point spread will move in the opposite direction. This time around the lines are not on our side. The lines of the teams will be shifted against our favour by 5 points.

  • New York Giants -4
  • New Eagle Patriots +2
  • Seattle Seahawks +3

All we do is subtract the 5 from the teams in the below example. The lines will now look as follows.

  • New York Giants -9
  • New Eagle Patriots -3
  • Seattle Seahawks -2

Winning in the above example is a challenge. The two teams that the sportsbooks select as the underdogs have to win the match and cover the spread. The New York Giants have been disadvantaged and will have to cover a 9 point spread. The wager is more challenging compared to the teaser but it has a good payout.

How Teasers and Pleasers Work Australia

Advantages of Teasers and Pleasers

Teaser and pleaser wagers  switch up the traditional parlay wagering. It gives punters the opportunity to shift the line one direction or the other. A bettor is required to have a sharp mind. The probability and the value of these complex wagers keep Aussies on their toes. Different betting sites have a variety of choices within the teasers and pleasers.  For instance, there are sportsbooks that will offer the Sweetheart Teasers which shift the line by 10 points. Some bettors don’t care about maximizing value and like the difficulty of these bets.

Teasers and Pleasers Are Challenging

Sports wagering enthusiasts are able to engage in enhanced parlay wagers and take on the challenge. These bets might seem like they are easy to win but don’t be lead astray. They are enticing that we must admit but are tough to win. More reason for punters to develop a wagering system if they want to succeed often. It means you have to be willing to do thorough research, check the numbers and be willing to fail and get up again. A focused handicapper will analyse the odds and see which lines can be shifted at the perfect time.

Seasoned players will have a thrill with these parlay types. It doesn’t mean that players from different backgrounds won’t take on the challenge.

Teasers and Pleasers Betting Strategy

We have a few points that you should consider when betting on teasers and pleasers:

  • Home Favourite – make a teaser on two favourites. Teasing favourites by numbers between -7.5 and -9 has a great chance of winning. The percentage of winning will clear the break-even point.
  • Underdogs On The Road – tease the underdogs on the road. It will help players maximise their returns.
  • Choose Two Team Pleasers – players can have a look at the odds attached to the pleaser bets, these remain unchanged and it doesn’t matter how many teams you select o wager.

We must say that teasers and pleasers are interesting for a bettor. A punter is able to adjust the point spread which makes the best entertaining.  Whichever options you decide to go with both sides are attractive. These advance parlay wagers are worth a try. Scroll up and make wagers using our sportsbooks.

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