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Bracket Predictions

Bracket Predictions Guide AustraliaEver year in March the most popular events with punters around the world is the March Madness. Australians can be part of the craziness and make bracket predictions. The first step is to understand what bracketology is all about. The method used to determine the teams that will compete is specific to the NCAA March Madness. The exciting activity that is associated with the event is filing out bracket predictions. There are various tournaments that are hosted during this time. Whether you are a sports fan or not you can anticipate the event.

Many punters come up with excuses to be a part of the contests. They call in sick for work and are sometimes tempted to take longer breaks. Whatever you excuse is we are here to let you know about the event. We’ll give you a brief background on bracketology. If you are looking to learn more about bracket predictions then stick with us. We offer some advice on how you can win your bracket predictions at sports betting sites in our guide.

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What is Bracketology?

Bracketology is when you predict which teams will compete in the NCCA Division I Basketball Tournament. There are 64 college basketball teams from the National Collegiate Athlete Association (NCCA) who take part in the month-long tournament. Considering that there are 63 games, bracket predictions of who the winners of the game will be is difficult to say. With that said, no one has made the perfect prediction.

Match Madness Bracket Tips Australia

March Madness Bracket Tips

  • The first seed is likely to make it to the Final Four. A way to work out the Final Four without being attached to the favourite is have a look at the pattern in the past years. The first seed has made it to this stage in most years.
  • It is unlikely that a region will go to the top four seed without any slip ups. In the past 26 years, the top four seeds in a region have progressed to the second weekend ten times.
  • Go for the top teams when picking a national champion. Lower seeds are usually not succeed to reach the final four, even though there have been times where they did.
  • Players are encouraged to put a double digit seed into the Sweet 16. All the teams that have gone to the second weekend of the tournament have been seeded ninth or higher.
  • As the completion progresses you should also make you wagers as you go along.

March Madness is where the top USA basketball teams play against each other. Bettors who want to predict the right brackets have to keep a look out for the tournament. The best sportsbooks provide punters with bracket predictions and other forms of bets. Find out more in our guides.

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