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A-League Betting

A-League Betting Australia

A-League betting is booming in Australia as the nation’s top soccer league grows in viewership every year. The league sees the best soccer teams around the country and New Zealand go up against one another to win the coveted league trophy. Who will be named Champions and Premiers this year? If you think you know, you may want to get in on the betting action at one of the top sportsbooks.

If you don’t know how to do that, we’ve got a complete soccer betting guide showing you how to do so down below. Follow the A-League betting predictions, odds, and more. Read on to find out how to bet on the matches at the best sports betting sites.

Where to Bet On the A-League

Are you an A-League fan trying to make some money on Australia’s top soccer league? Then, look no further than the sports betting sites down below:

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How to Bet on the A-League

There are several different bets you can make on the A-League at our top sportsbooks. If you are familiar with soccer betting at all, you should be familiar with many of the options down below. If not, you may want to pay close attention to the betting options down below:

  • Match Result (1×2 Bets) – these are the most popular bets made on the A-League. Punters select an outcome for the match. The match can end in one three ways – one of the two teams winning or a draw.
  • Over/Under – punters attempt to predict whether a game will exceed or remain under a certain number of goals. Sportsbooks can set potential score lines to at 0.5, 1.5, 3.5, or 4.5.
  • Correct Score – as the name may already imply, these bets involve predicting the correct score of the game.
  • Handicap Bets – with these bets, sportsbooks place a goal handicap on one team. If punters choose to bet on this team, they will need them to win by the suggested scoreline. This gives the punter better odds.
  • First Goalscorer – these bets involve predicting who will score the game’s first goal.
  • Futures – these are long-term bets made sometime before the A-League Grand Final is played. As they are placed sometime before, they offer better odds to punters.
  • Wooden Spoon Betting – this is the opposite of a traditional future bet. Instead of betting on who may win the league, punters bet on who is going to come last in the league.

 A-League Betting Odds

Reading A-League odds is pretty much the same as odds on any soccer sportsbooks in the world.

There are three different types of odds formats used at sportsbooks around the world: American, fractional, and decimal. While some sportsbooks in Australia do display odds using the American and fractional format, the decimal format is by far the most popular at online sports betting sites here.

We believe that this format is the best way to display odds as it is easy to read and calculate your total potential winnings. All you have to do is take your stake and multiply it by the odds located next to the option. For example:

Brisbane Roar (5.00) Draw (4.35) Sydney FC (1.60)

In this matchup, there are three betting options. It is plain to see that bets on Brisbane Roar will payout the most as the sportsbook doesn’t think the team will win the matchup. We can see this by multiplying our stake with the odds next to each option. For example, an AU$100 bet on Brisbane Roar will payout $500, a draw will payout $435 and a bet on Sydney FC will payout $160.

A-League Betting Tips

Betting on the sport can prove to be pretty tough for inexperienced punters. However, we’ve got a few A-League soccer betting tips for new bettors, who’d like to get in on the action. This includes the following:

  • Analyze the Teams– before placing any sort of bet, you must analyse the two teams involved in the matchup. Is either of two suffering from injuries? Are there any players that have been suspended? What is the record of matches involving these two teams? These are all questions you need to answer before placing a bet.
  • Odds Shopping is Vital– punters need to ensure that they shop around for odds before they place a bet. They should have multiple sports betting accounts for this very reason. Sportsbooks will often offer different betting odds for the same match. So, you want to make sure that you are getting the best deal.
  • Follow Reliable Tipsters– it is important to note that there are many tipsters out there advising on how to bet on the A-League and only some of them are good. Make sure to have a look at the tipster’s experience in the league before placing a bet. You don’t want to trouble yourself with following a tipster who isn’t very good at giving betting advice.

For more A-League tips, be sure to check out our blog! We are constantly providing punters with the latest updates on the league.

A-League Betting Online

Last 10 A-League Winners

Here is a list of the last 10 A-League Championship and Premiership winners. As punters can see, the league seems to go through cycles. A bet on Melbourne Victory or Sydney FC isn’t ill-advised though:

2005–06Sydney FCAdelaide United
2006–07Melbourne VictoryMelbourne Victory
2007–08Newcastle JetsCentral Coast Mariners
2008–09Melbourne VictoryMelbourne Victory
2009–10Sydney FCSydney FC
2010–11Brisbane RoarBrisbane Roar
2011–12Brisbane RoarCentral Coast Mariners
2012–13Central Coast MarinersWestern Sydney Wanderers
2013–14Brisbane RoarBrisbane Roar
2014–15Melbourne VictoryMelbourne Victory
2015–16Adelaide UnitedAdelaide United
2016–17Sydney FCSydney FC
2017–18Melbourne VictorySydney FC


A-League Betting FAQs

What year did A-League start?

The A-League was created by the Football Federation Australia in 2004.

How many teams are in the A-League?

11 teams compete in the A league.

Where can I get the best A-League betting odds?

You can get top A-League odds at Neds, Unibet Youwager, and other recommended websites.

Where is the A-League played?

The A-League is played in Australia.

How many rounds are played in the A-League?

There are 26 games in a season with 29 rounds in total.

What A-League betting sites are the best?

Listed are the best sportsbooks to bet on the A-League

  1. Neds
  2. Unibet
  3. Titanbet
  4. Youwager

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