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EPL Betting

How EPL Betting Works English Premier League Betting (also known as EPL betting) is rife in Australia. This is no surprise as England’s top-most soccer league is the most bet on sports league in the world. The competition’s vibrant and competitive nature makes it not only fun to watch, but a good way for avid soccer fans to make a few good profitable bets. There are hundreds of sports betting sites that offer Aussies the chance to bet on the EPL.

With our guide, Australians will find out all they need to know about EPL betting, including which are the best bets to make, where to make them and some general tips to follow.

Best English Premier League Betting Sites

The sites listed below provide players with the best EPL betting lines available to Australian punters. Look out for great odds and wagering options here:
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How to Bet on the EPL

With the Premier League being as popular as it is at sportsbooks, it is really no surprise that there are loads of different soccer betting options available to Aussie punters. Some of the most popular include the following:

  • Head-to-Head Bets – these are the bets that most punters tend to seek out. They involve betting on the outcome of a singular game. Also known as 1×2 bets, they see bettors select whether a game will end in a win, draw or loss.
  • Outrights – with these bets, players attempt to predict who will win the EPL at some point before the league winner is declared. Odds change as the season progresses and it becomes clearer who the top competitors are.
  • Totals – as with all sports, this is a bet made on the total score of a game. For example, sportsbooks may predict a match between Manchester United and Liverpool to be low-scoring i.e. only featuring two goals. In the example bet, players would need to bet that the game would see less than this to win a payout.
  • First Goal Scorer – these are bets made on singular matches. Basically, bettors attempt to predict either which team or player will score the first goal. This may prove difficult when two very good or bad teams play each other.
  • Top Goal Scorer – with this bet, players attempt to predict who will be crowned top scorer in a season. Like outrights, odds vary throughout the season as the form of particular players becomes clearer.
  • Halftime Betting – these are in-play bets. Basically, at halftime punters can take out a few bets on a particular game. This includes 1×2 bets, totals and more.

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Top EPL Betting Odds

One of the most important things to keep in mind when betting on the EPL is odds. With so many sportsbooks offering punters the chance to bet on this prestigious league, it is quite a deal to shop around for the best English Premier League betting odds.

We’ve made this easier for Aussies by listing all the best EPL betting sites right here. (All you have to do to get a shortlist of sites with the best odds is scroll up really.)

If you want some tips on where to bet and which sites have the best odds for particular matchups, be sure to check out our blog. It is filled with the latest news about EPL matches as well as all the best odds.

EPL Betting Tips

There are loads of very general English Premier League betting tips that can be offered based on looking at the league’s history. With these tips, players should really be able to build the most effective EPL betting strategy. Some of the most noteworthy include the following:

  • Over the last five years, 45% of home games and 30% of away games have ended in victory. Less than a quarter of all games have ended in a draw. Thus, betting for home wins seems to be somewhat of a safer option. Do make sure to pay attention to the recent performance of teams involved in the matchup.
  • The average number of goals scored an EPL game over the last five years is 2.7 goals. This information should help when making total bets. Making a bet on at least three goals for the matchup is not so insane. That stated the most popular victory scoreline is generally 1-0.
  • Based on recent stats, both teams score in roughly 50% of all matches. (One-all draws are quite common in the league.) So, both teams to score bets should prove to be quite lucrative when guessed correctly.
  • Try to avoid betting on games that you feel unsure of definitively ending in a victory for one team. Draws might be common in soccer, but they’re pretty difficult to predict, which is why we are averse to making such bets.
  • Double chance bets have proven to be quite profitable for many Aussie punters betting on the EPL. The reason being is that the league is very competitive and it is very difficult to predict which team will win every game unless there really is a clear winner.
Australian English Premier League Betting

English Premier League History

The current format of the English Premier League was launched in 1992 in response to the terrible state of English football that plagued the 1980s. Not only has English teams been banned from European competitions for five years after the 1985 Heysel Stadium disaster, but the league lagged far behind other popular European football leagues, such as La Liga and Serie A.

Following the upward trend in English football that began with Manchester United winning the now defunct UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup in 1990, the Football Association decided to introduce new regulations that would see stadiums and general viewing conditions improve for top-flight clubs. This saw viewership of English club football improve.

The Football Association decided to capitalise on this fact by forming a new top-flight football league in the country to replace the Football League First Division. It was to be called the FA Premier League. The first game was played on 15 August 1992. Few knew at the time that the new league would go on to become the most watched sporting competition in the world.

Since then, the EPL has gone through many developments and become increasingly more competitive each season. There have been several teams rise to prominence and fall from grace throughout the years. Currently, the league features six different teams that are thought to have the best chance of winning a league title. These are Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur.

Not only is this a far larger number than any other major European league, it has also been previously breached by unlikely contenders on several occasions. The most recent is Leicester City, who won the league in the 2015-16 season. This fact alone makes it one of the most exciting sporting events to watch let alone bet on.

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