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Europa League Betting

Online UEFA Europa League Betting UEFA Europa League betting is the next best thing when it comes to placing a wager on international club soccer tournaments. Arguably, it is the second biggest international club soccer competition behind the UEFA Champion’s League. It also provides Australians with more betting opportunities due to the fact that more teams are included in the competition (although that is due to change soon.)

If you’re interested in betting on the Europa League, you have found yourself in some luck because we have created the ultimate guide for betting on the famous competition. This includes how to bet on it, how to read odds and a general list of tips to keep in mind when soccer betting at Australian sports betting sites. So, read on and learn all you need to know about UEFA Europa League betting.

Best Europa League Betting Sites 2020

These are the best Europa League betting sites currently available to Australians. When using these sites, punters are sure to get access to top odds and bets on any match they would like to bet on.
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How to Bet on the Europa League

If you have ever bet on soccer, you’ll be pretty familiar with the available Europa League betting lines. If not, we’ve got you covered with an explanation of the most popular soccer betting options down below:

  • Moneyline or 1×2 Betting – these are bets made on the outcome of one single match. Basically, punters can bet on whether it will end in a victory for one of the two teams or a draw.
  • Europa League Outright Betting – if you are familiar with any sort of future betting, then you will know that this bet implies wagering on who is going to win the whole tournament. As these bets are quite difficult to get right, they offer higher odds. Especially, if they are made some time before the final match is actually played.
  • Group Winner Bets – these are bets made on a specific team to win a particular group. They take place in the beginning of the tournament. While there will always be firm favourites to win a particular group, always keep in mind that anything can happen in sports.
  • Both Teams to Score – as the name may already imply, these are bets made on both teams to score in the match. Punters who like making riskier bets can go even further by selecting two specific players to score in the match.
  • Score and Win Bet – these are bets made on a specific team to win the match and a specific player in that team to score while doing so.

There are many different bets available on the Europa League. The above are just some of the most popular with our punters. Be sure to visit one of our sites to explore more options.

UEFA Europa League Betting Odds

If the only thing preventing you from placing a bet on the Europa League, then you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve got the ultimate guide here for you. Ultimately, what you’ve got to know is that most Australian sportsbooks use the decimal odds format to display odds on a team. This makes it extremely simple to work out potential winnings on your wager.

Essentially, when you visit a betting site, odds will be displayed in the following manner:

Arsenal (2.15) vs Napoli (3.00)
Now, all you have to do to calculate how much you could potentially win from this wager is multiply your stake by the odds next to the team name. For example, an AU$100 wager on Arsenal will pay players AU$215. The reason for this is that AU$100 (stake) multiplied by 2.15 is equal to that sum. This amount includes both a punter’s stake and winnings.

With all this said, you should now have a good understanding of Europa League odds. So, what are you waiting for? Go and place a bet now! Make sure to shop around for odds before you do so though. You always want to make sure that you have the chance of winning the most money possible.

Australian UEFA Europa League Betting

Best Europa League Betting Tips

The Europa League has long been known as a tough league to bet on. It is for this reason that we recommend that punters don’t look at Europa League betting predictions lightly. While we won’t provide punters with game specific tips here, the following are general Europa League betting tips every Australian should keep in mind when betting on the famous soccer tournament. This includes the following:

  • Punters should pay very close attention to teams that were knocked out of the tournament’s sister competition – the UEFA Champion’s League – and given a place here. Often, these teams go on to either win or make it to the final of the tournament without any hassle. Recent examples of such teams Chelsea, Sevilla, Atletico Madrid, Benfica and Ajax.
  • Pay consideration to the teams that qualify for the league and the stipulations that allow them to do so. For example, in England, teams who win the FA Cup and League Cup automatically qualify for the Europa League. In the event that the team that wins either of these titles has already qualified for the UEFA Champion’s League, the spot goes to the team that finished next highest on the league table. The questions you have to ask yourself then is whether the team that finished seventh on the English Premier League table as good as the team that came third in France’s Ligue 1?

In the past ten years, Spanish teams have won more times than teams from any other nation – the same as the UEFA Champion’s League. While it is important to have a good look at teams from every nation, it is well known that both Spanish and Italian sides have historically performed in international tournaments.

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