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UEFA Champion’s League Betting

Online UEFA Champion's League Betting UEFA Champion’s League betting (also known as UCL betting) is extremely popular with soccer fans in Australia. Punters love wagering on who is going to win Europe’s most coveted sporting league. Luckily, there are loads of different sports betting sites that offer Aussie bettors the chance to do so.

If you’re keen to bet on the UCL, you have come to the right place. We have crafted the ultimate Champion’s League betting guide, filled with a list of sportsbooks to use as well as tips for wagering on the league. So, read on and find out more about this great soccer league.

Best UCL Betting Sites 2020

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How to Bet on the UEFA Champion’s League

With the UEFA Champion’s League being as popular as it is, it is unsurprising that Australian bookmakers offer so many betting lines to punters. Some of the soccer markets that have proven to be most popular with Aussie punters include the following:

  • Head-to-Heads – punters predict the outcome of a match with these bets. Will one team win it? Or, will it end in a draw?
  • Handicap Bets – sportsbooks add a handicap to a team favoured to win the matchup to make these bets more entertaining and lucrative. Basically, bets may state that a team needs to win a matchup by two or more goals for it to payout. If the side fails to do this, the bet will not payout.
  • Totals – these are bets made on the total number of goals that will be scored in the game. It doesn’t really have to do all that much with which teams scores them, but rather focuses on ensuring that a certain number of goals are scored in the matchup.
  • Over/Unders – these bets also involve suggesting that a certain number of goals will be scored in a match. Instead of punters needing to state an exact number for how many goals will be scored, they can just predict whether it will exceed or remain under a certain figure.
  • Futures – these bets are rather popular with punters around the world. It involves stating who will win the Champion’s League long before the final is even played.

Best UEFA Champion’s League Betting Tips & Tricks

There are a number of UCL betting tips punters should keep in mind when betting on Europe’s most famous sporting league. We’ve summarised some of the most important tips down below:

  • Barcelona & Real Madrid are Always Contenders – in recent years, the Champion’s League has pretty much been dominated by Barcelona and Real Madrid with these teams winning the title a total of seven times between 2008 and 2018. Placing future bets on either of these two teams is never a bad idea.
  • Place Futures After the Group Stage – it’s all-around much safer to place future bets after the group stage has been completed. Although some teams may be performing well in their own home leagues, this form may not translate into UEFA Champion’s League victories. Thus, it is also important to look at each league separately to an extent.
  • Exotic Markets Offer Great Betting Options – there are loads of exotic betting options for the UCL available at Australian bookmakers. We recommend having a look at a few of them to increase the odds of you earning more cash. Some include first goalscorer, correct score and time of goal.
  • Top Goal Scorer is a Predictable Bet – over the last ten years, the league’s top goalscorer has always either been Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Although these two stars may be aging, they’re still a good bet for the title. Neymar has also proven to be a player who is more than capable of finding the back of the net.
Australian UEFA Champions League

UCL Odds

An essential part of betting online is searching for the league that has got the best odds on the wager you would like to make. This is the way to ensure that you make the most money possible. As the UCL is extremely popular around the world, many Australian sportsbooks offer lines on the event. You do yourself a favour by having a strong look at the lines available at different sites.

Aussie sportsbooks tend to prefer displaying odds using the decimal system. This means that odds on a matchup will be displayed in the following manner:

Juventus Vs Atletico Madrid

Juventus (1.70)Draw (3.60)Atletico Madrid (5.00)


In this instance, a draw will pay out punters the most because sportsbooks feel that this is the least likely outcome. Punters are able to calculate the return on each option by multiplying their stake by the odds next to the team. For example, an AU$150 bet on Juventus will payout AU$255. We know this because 150 x 1.7 is equal to 255.

Always make sure to calculate potential returns before making a bet as it is only through doing this that punters are able to gage whether making a specific bet is worth it.

UEFA Champion’s League Winners (Last 10 Years)

Sometimes, it pays to know who has won the UEFA Champion’s League in recent years. Teams in form do seem to win multiple times in a row before trends change. Here is a list of the last 10 winners (it is clear to see that Spanish teams are a good bet):

2018Real Madrid
2017Real Madrid
2016Real Madrid
2014Real Madrid
2013Bayern Munich
2010Inter Milan
2008Manchester United

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