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AFL Betting Tips

AFL Betting Strategy for AustraliansOne way to win an Australian Football League bet is to implement brilliant AFL betting tips. Professional researchers have expert strategies that may prove to be valuable. Good tactics are the way to go in this competitive betting sector. There are aspects like data that enables you to place a wager on the celebrated sports played for over 150 years. Stay on track with the present AFL betting preview, trends, and odds that are regularly updated on the internet.

A secure bet in the game would be going with the most loved team to win and the odds are usually short. Whereas, wagering on the underdog is a risk but has a high payout. The premiership ladder should be your best mate. Go more for free AFL betting tips that include a whole spectrum about the game. Whenever the men’s and women’s league comes around, you are guaranteed passion, sweat and all the thrills of wagering on the sport. Are you ready for the footy season? Then be equipped and use AFL footy betting tips!

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Best AFL Tips

We’ve covered the best AFL betting tips that you need to take into account as you wager on the league. As the top sport to wager on in the state, you must know the game inside-out. AFL betting strategy is important. The below strategy may be a bit general, we recommend that punters always keep these AFL footy betting tips in mind when betting on a game:

1.Research Teams

Our expert Aussie Rules tipsters conduct a report for themselves after researching the team’s history. Bettors need to know the league’s background and which clubs have the most premiership titles.  If Essendon and Carlton didn’t come to mind within a beat, then you have homework. The greatest squad simply can’t be pinned down to the most premierships won. Full knowledge of the present clubs and the worst must be kept in mind.

2. AFL Odds

The one thing it is always vital to remember with AFL sports betting tips is to shop around for odds. While most sites will probably set the same team to be a favourite, often they’ll give them different odds to win. You’re only doing yourself in by not looking for the site offering the best odds for a particular matchup.


It’s important to pay attention to weather when wagering on an AFL game as it drastically impacts the playstyle of teams. In general, we don’t recommend making totals if the weather is predicted to be bad for a particular game due to this fact.

AFL Betting Tips and Tricks

4.Bankroll Management

Manage Your Bankroll Efficiently.  Every season will be filled with sports bets that result in wins and losses. Punters need to budget for this. If you set a betting limit for a season, don’t spend your entire bankroll on a single match. Also, never chase losses. If you can’t accept that some bets aren’t going to be winners, then you probably shouldn’t be betting in the first place.

5.AFL Betting Tips

Make your market. Don’t always work on sports betting site’s odds to determine which teams are favourites and which are losers. Ultimately, checking the stats and team performances yourself can also lead you to making amazing bets that you would’ve missed had you strictly paid attention to bookie odds.

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