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AFL Top 8

How AFL Top 8 Betting Works Aussies have a passion for the Australian Football League (AFL). The AFL top 8 teams provide fans the best chance to enjoy a footy wager of the year. A wager on the league brings about great excitement and drama heading towards the AFL grand finale. Unbelievable goals have been scored in the past matches which makes AFL top 8 betting the most entertaining sport. You can support the exceptional teams by checking out the different betting options we have. The best betting sites offer punters the opportunity to make some extra cash.

We have you covered with the basic must know betting tips. They will make you take advantage of the AFL Top 8 bets. Join the cool crowd that reaps rewards from the odds. There are many ways to be creative in your bets so don’t limit your potential winnings. Get the same reaction many fans have after winning a bet. Read on about what to expect before you wager at the top sports betting sites right here.

Where to Bet

These are the most trusted betting websites you can count on.[sc name=”table”

How to Bet on AFL Top 8

See the most popular bets to place on the AFL final eight teams below:

  • Head-to-Head Bets – in most cases, there’s a winner at the end of the match. So, this bet means punters guess who will win the match. Taking a look at how the AFL top teams played in their previous matches will count to punters advantage.
  • First Goalscorer Betting – punters sometimes have favorite players at the back of their minds. This wager allows punters to bet on a player who scores the first goal.
  • Possession Betting – while you follow the matches you can guess which team will take the most possession at the end of the match.
  • Handicaps – sportsbooks choose a favorite AFL final 8 team to win a match. In order to run away from the expected results, they give this favored team a disadvantage.
  • Futures – if you already foresee who will win the grand final then place a bet before the top two final teams, in the end, are picked.
AFL Top 8 Betting Sites Australia

AFL Top 8 Betting Tips

You need to do the necessary background work before making a bet. Below are some tips that can help punters make the most of their bets.

  • Follow the odds – always keep in mind that odds are not displayed the same on different sportsbooks. Regular punters usually check out different sportsbooks in order to get the best odds.
  • Home Advantage – sportsbooks tend to give teams playing in their hometown the upper hand. The team doesn’t have to travel which means they are more relax and ready to perform their optimum best in the match.
  • Research Teams – punters need to take into consideration the teams background is important. Make sure that you follow the teams, compare them against each other to see which teams have been performing well.

Betting Odds

There are many sports that are popular in Australia and AFL top 8 betting happens to be one of them. If for some reason you’re not sure how to calculate your potential winnings, we’re here to help.  The AFL final 8 is not that difficult to bet on. Australian sites generally use the decimal system for betting odds.

West Coast 3.7

North Melbourne 2.6

Looking at the above example, take your planned betting amount and multiply it with the odds (number next to the team). This will tell you how much your winnings will be.  You might want to bet an AU$150 on West Coast, your winnings will be AU$555. A friend can bet on North Melbourne an AU$ 100, their winning will be AU$260.

Don’t miss out on your chance of betting on the AFL top 8.

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