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Everton Betting Odds

Online Everton Betting Sites AustraliaEverton has several trophies under their belt. The football club is persistent and their team spirit is quite enduring. A cheer from punters who like betting on Everton can be heard all the way from Australia. The composition of the team is remarkable.  They hold their own against the more successful football clubs. The football team has a huge following in the United States, punters can be a part of the shared love of football as well by betting. Their potential is uncapped as they rise o the ranks. Everton has prominent players such as Jordan Pickford who is an outstanding goalkeeper.

If you are looking for an impressive match, Everton will give you one! We have popular betting options for punters to select bets. Once you know what the type of bets you’re going for, our EPL betting sites are available for your betting pleasure. Read on to find out more about the team’s history and how to bet on Everton.

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Everton FC History

Everton FC is the founding member of The Football in 1888. The football team has won the European Cup Winners’ Cup, the English Championship nine times and the FA Cup five times. Their first continuous success was in 1927. It is only in 1961 when they were successful again with their manager, Harry Catterick. The club suffered a dry spell when it came to winning titles. When Howard Kendall took over the ropes as manager during this era Everton had their most successful to date. Everton’s performance has fluctuated over the course of 1990 to early 2000 never regaining the momentum in the 1980s. The return of Howard Kendall a number of different times did not bring back the magic. Everton continues fighting for their place in the leagues.

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Everton Odds To Win Premier League

Everton won 15 of the games they played in which is only 1 goal more than the matches they lost.  The 2018/19 premier league season continued to test the reliance of the team.  Compared to 2017/18 Everton has performed significantly better in all aspects from concede goals to clean sheets. Their goal scoring was worth taking note at a high of 54 goals. They conceded 1.24 goals per match with mid-errors leading to the goal of 0.78.  They had a clean sheet of 14. After giving it everything they had they ranked number eight on the premier league. Everton is a team that has highs and lows. Fans keep watching to see when Everton will win the cup once more.

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