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Wimbledon Betting Australia

How Wimbledon Betting Works Wimbledon betting is a very popular form of tennis betting in Australia. With the competition being one of four tournaments to make the Grand Slam, punters can be sure that attracts a lot of interest from bettors and tennis fans alike. Sportsbooks across the country offer loads of different Wimbledon betting lines that allow gamblers to make all sorts of wagers on the tournament.

Below we go through all you need to know about betting on this tournament. This includes the types of bets you can make on Wimbledon and the general tips you should keep in mind when making these wagers. So, read on and learn more about this great tournament.

Best Wimbledon Betting Sites 2020

The tennis betting sites listed below all offer Australians the chance to bet on Wimbledon. In fact, we believe that they offer punters the best Wimbledon odds and bets. But you don’t have to believe us. You can just click on one and find out.
5Top Australian Sports Betting Sites 2019
  1. Neds
    Top Rated Sport Betting Site
    Neds Sportsbook
  2. Unibet
    unibet Sportsbook
  3. Thelotter Sportsbook
    Thelotter Sportsbook Sportsbook
  4. 10Bet Sport
    TitanBet Sportsbook
    5 Sportsbook

How Wimbledon Betting Works

Wimbledon tennis betting options are quite easy to understand. If you’re familiar with tennis betting at all, you should already be familiar with the types of bets you can place. If not, we’ve got you covered with the popular betting options down below:

  • Match Betting – this is the most basic type of bet available to Aussie bettors. Basically, bettors wager on who might win the matchup. We would be wary of making a wager on such matchups that involve an outright favourite against a real underdog. The reason being that if you plan to bet on the favourite there is almost no chance of a good return on your bet.
  • Wimbledon Outright Betting – these are bets made on a player to win Wimbledon overall. This is the only tennis tournament based on grass, so we really suggest that punters research the tournament history before placing an outright bet. Overall, we at prefer them because they do tend to provide punters with better odds. That stated, they’re harder to win.
  • Set Betting – these are bets made on which player might win the next set or the first or last. This could take place in-game or before the game takes place. Essentially, it is one of the many prop bets provided to Australian bettors at top sportsbooks.
  • Handicap Bets – handicap or spread bets are very popular in tennis. The reason being that general match bets tend to see favourites have very poor odds attached to them. Thus, it may prove more lucrative to put a handicap on a favoured player and see whether or not they are able to overcome it. This could mean suggesting that a particular player will win a match by a certain number of sets.
  • Over/Under Bets – these bets involve trying to guess how many sets it will take to determine the eventual winner. If the match involves John Isner, we recommend taking the over just on principle.
Online Wimbledon Betting

Wimbledon Odds Explained

Wimbledon betting odds are always changing based on players’ performance in the tournaments leading up to it. Then, when the tournament starts, they change again as some players begin to show better form and others terrible form.

It is for these reasons and more that sportsbooks across the country tend to offer different odds on the same matches. It is for this reason we always recommend that players shop around for odds before making their proposed wager. If they don’t, they could be missing out on a deal they never knew about and thus potential real money winnings.

In Australia, sportsbooks will always display odds using the decimal system. This means that odds on a particular game will be shown in the following manner:

Roger Federer (1.71) vs. Rafael Nadal (1.86)

To calculate how much you could win from this prospective Wimbledon match, all you need to do is multiply your wager by the odds located next to the player. For example, an AU$100 bet on Federer will win players AU$171. The reason for this is that AU$100 x 1.71 is equal to AU$171. It is important to note that this amount includes both your wager and your winnings.

Top Wimbledon Betting Tips

If your looking for some good betting tips for Wimbledon, you have come to the right place. The following tips should help you place better bets, despite being quite general in nature.

  • Look for Value Bets – it is important to note that sometimes sportsbooks undercut the potential of particular players and give them poor odds. For example, if Rafael Nadal’s last win at Wimbledon was several years ago, sportsbooks may undercut his value. If he has had a good showing in the lead-up to the tournament, it may be worthwhile to bet on him.
  • Don’t Focus on Favourites – unless you are taking out an outright bet on a particular player, there is no use in betting on favourites in tennis – especially in the early stages of a tournament. We advise trying to stick to making handicap bets or totals on singular matchups.
  • Research, Research, Research – the one very important thing to do before placing any bet on any sport is to research the player you would like to bet on. It is not helpful to bet on a player who has had a bad showing in the lead up to Wimbledon this year regardless if they have won the tournament several times before. For example, Serena Williams has not won a tournament since making her comeback despite still performing well. These are things to keep in mind before placing a bet.

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