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French Open Betting

Online French Open Betting AustraliaFrench Open betting is quite popular with tennis fans in Australia. Often, the reason is that many punters believe that Rafael Nadal is a sure outright bet to win the overall tournament. The Women’s tournament often proves to be much harder to predict, thus granting punters better odds on any sort of bet they could ever want to place.

If you’re keen on getting in on the sports betting action, we have created the ultimate betting guide for the French Open. Down below we go through the bets you can place on the tournament and general tips you need to keep in mind when betting on this competition. So, read on down below to learn more!

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How to Bet on the French Open

If you have no clue of how tennis betting works, then you have come to the right place. Below we’ve got a quick start-up guide that is sure to get you placing your first bets on the French Open in no time at all. Below are all the most popular bets available on the tournament:

  • Head-to-Head Betting – these are bets made on singular matches in the French Open. Punters attempt to predict who will win the match up. Often, if these bets involve big stars, they aren’t all that profitable as sportsbooks are already quite sure of who is going to win and set low odds for favourites.
  • French Open Outright Betting – this bet involves predicting who might win the entire tournament. The French Open Men’s tournament has been pretty predictable in this area in recent years with Rafael Nadal always pretty much being the favourite to win the tournament. Although odds for outrights generally tend to be pretty good, often a future bet on Nadal isn’t always worth it.
  • Live Betting – it is possible to bet on a match while it is taking place. While it may take some effort to do so, punters can have a look at the odds provided by sportsbooks and then phone in and place their bets on a particular matchup.
  • Over/Under Betting – do you think you know how many sets it will take for the match to find a victor? Then, you may want to have a look into placing over/under bets. These bets see punters predicting that a score will either be under or over a certain number of sets predicted by the sportsbook.
French Open Betting

French Open Odds

If you’re ever to embark on your glorious sports betting journey, you’re going to need to learn how to read odds. Ultimately, odds are how much you could win on a potential wager. Punters who are new to the sports betting game often feel intimidated by odds as there are so many different ways of displaying them.

The good thing is though that most popular Australian online betting sites tend to stick to using the decimal format to display odds. This method is also popular at Euro-centric sportsbooks. Odds displayed using this format usually appear like this:

Kevin Anderson (2.63) vs Roger Federer (1.50)
Now, the thing that’s so great about decimal odds is that all you need to calculate how much you could potentially win is multiply your stake by the odds next to the player’s name. So, for example, an AU$100 bet on Kevin Anderson would payout AU$263. The reason for this is that $100 multiplied by 2.63 is equal to that amount. It is important to not that this number includes both the punter’s stake and winnings.

French Open Betting Tips

There are loads of tennis betting tipsters out there who will tell you that they know it all. While we aren’t such punters, we will provide you with some general French Open tennis betting tips we recommend that you keep in mind every time you place a bet on this famous tournament:

  • Don’t Count Out Rafael Nadal – it’s important to note that Rafael Nadal has won the French Open 11 times since going professional. While he may be getting on in years, he is still capable of winning trophies each and every season. With regards to the French Open, it is always important to have a look at Nadal because it is basically a tournament he always wins. That stated, he may be having a bad year, so do look at his form going into the tournament.
  • Pay Attention to the Surface – the French Open is the only Grand Slam tournament played on clay. Thus, it is important to have a look at other tournaments played on clay courts in order to find potential winners. Think of the Madrid Open or Italian Open as opposed to Wimbledon or the US Open. While these tournaments may not be as popular as other Grand Slams, players who perform well there tend to do so at the French Open too.
  • Betting on the Women’s Tournament is Harder – it is important to note that trying to predict the eventual winner of the women’s tournament is much harder than that of the men’s tournament. The reason for this is that the competition has seen a number of winners in recent years. Thus, instead of betting on players you think are playing well, you need to look at the form of key players going into the tournament.

Last 10 Winners French Open Men

Here is a list of the last 10 winners of the French Open Men’s tournament. With just a quick glance at the list, it is easy to see why so many sportsbooks tend to favour Rafael Nadal as an outright winner.

2018Rafael Nadal
2017Rafael Nadal
2016Novak Djokovic
2015Stan Wawrinka
2014Rafael Nadal
2013Rafael Nadal
2012Rafael Nadal
2011Rafael Nadal
2010Rafael Nadal
2009Roger Federer


Last 10 Winners French Open Women

Here is a list of the last 10 winners of the French Open. It is plain to see that it is harder to predict a winner in the WTA than it is in the ATP. Thus, we always recommend just studying the form of players in the lead-up to the tournament.

2018Simona Halep
2017Jelena Ostapenko
2016Garbine Muguruza
2015Serena Williams
2014Maria Sharapova
2013Serena Williams
2012Maria Sharapova
2011Li Na
2010Francesca Schiavone
2009Svetlana Kuznetsova

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