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Australian States – Online Gambling

Australian Legal Gambling Sites Every state in Australia regulates how virtual gambling works in their area. Australian states gambling laws for each state are not the same. They are run by regulatory authorities in that particular country. In addition, the federal government is nothing to do with how things are operated. It’s always a good thing to be on the right side of the law. Therefore, bettors who want to know more about whether wagering in their state is allowed have landed on the right page. We compiled a detailed guide that will help punters navigate their state.

Before you gamble you have to know what gambling laws entail. We understand that gambling can be a dangerous activity if punters are not responsible. There are forms of gambling that are unlawful in some areas. Some of these states have the same laws. We will dive into legal forms of gambling and expand on the laws. Thereafter, you can bet on any popular sport at the best gambling site below.

Best AU Legal Gambling Sites

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What Type of Gambling is Legal in Australia?

The Interacting Gambling Act and other amendments state that AU allows sportsbooks and casinos. Casinos are permitted to offer their gambling services to bettors. Sportsbooks, on the other hand, are only allowed to talk about local sports according to their area license. Moreso, there is at most one traditional casino based in every country. Several places offer gaming machines in pubs, hotels, and nightclubs.

With that said, live gambling is not allowed in Western Australia. However, New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland offer live gambling and sports betting. Offshore gambling sites are not permitted, they have to be licensed in any of the states.

Australian State Laws & Maps

Gambling Laws in Australia


Does Australia Allow Online Gambling?

The initial Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 allowed online types of gambling but not that many. In 2016, the gambling act was changed in line with the iGaming sector. This was when the laws were written down to safeguard residents from the harmful effects of web-based gambling.

The law states that it is illegal to do the following

  • Grant unlicensed iGaming products to citizens.
  • Offer AU products to other states.
  • Provided illegal interactive gambling products to people in Australia.

The law that we have explained above forbids plenty of web-based gambling such as Pokies and Roulette. Auto racing and sports betting are permitted and in-gaming is not allowed. Online instant scratch cards are prohibited with the exception of online lotteries. For lottery tickets, punters can only buy them from traders. The Interactive Gambling Act does not fine AU punters for making wagers on the internet using gambling sites. If a company does not adhere to the law they will be fined $220 000 each day for providing products from Australia or into the state.

The 2016 change made many operators leave Australia because the laws were much tighter. Many online poker companies that left were the ones who offered their services to Australians. McDonalds Island, Cocos Keeling, Norfolk Island, and Christmas Island have different laws.

Australian States

Legal Gaming

Gambling forms that are allowed in AU are not that many. The main reason is that gambling activities have codes and some internet gambling products are not permitted. Below we have listed the most famous AU gambling forms that punters can enjoy:

Housie – This is a popular fundraising game, it is just played at these particular gatherings.

Poker – The recent gambling regulation states that poker can be played offline which is similar to the US.

Pokies – Authorities in different states provide several pokie machines at local venues. This depends on the state and will be exclusive to hotels and pubs that don’t have a casino.

Sports Wagering – There are many legal sports betting sites that Australia provides. Punters can bet online at any safe bookmaker.

 Lotteries – The national Lotto and state lotteries will need bettors to buy a physical ticket from a legal trader. Scratchies can be purchased at web-based gambling websites.

Casino Gaming – These are called traditional casinos in AU. These venues have machines and gambling tables for punters. It depends on the state whether it allows it or not.

Gambling legislation in AU has tight rules intended for operators. Businesses who don’t have a legal Australian license will be fine $1.1 million every day if they are seen working. This means that gambling operators should think before they go against the law.

Gambling Regulators in Australia

Gambling regulations are made at the state level. Each state will have to adhere to the legislation that is set by the country. These are the regulatory authorities for every state:

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) oversees advertising with regard to gambling all over the state. The ACAMA makes sure that no one breaks the rules and is able to report adverting infringements to the countries. Broadcasting and streaming channels are protected by their legislation in accordance with the federal law.

State Gambling Laws FAQs

What types of web-based gambling are legal in AU?

Have a look at the forms that we have mentioned above, these are online sports betting sites, racebooks web-based gaming sites.

Will betting on the internet get me into trouble?

Betting online won’t get you into trouble you just have to double-check with your state. Some areas are against specific forms of gambling and you have to look up their local laws. Websites that are mostly allowed are ones that put consumer safety in the forefront. Can my winnings be taxed?

Will I be taxed in Australia?

People gambling for as a hobby in Australia, you will not be taxed. Professional bettors will have to pay for taxes if it is their only way to make money.

What will become of the brick-and-mortar shops in the future?

There will be some fallbacks in other areas. The results of this will be because of gambling loopholes or operators leaving AU due to legislation.

What states have legal sports betting?

All eight Australian areas have sports wagering. Therefore, punters can participate in sports betting whenever they want. New South Wales, South Australia, and Western Australia and Victoria are not allowed to engage in real money deals that are on promotion.

What is the viewpoint for controlled online gambling?

We don’t think that the IGA will make amendments at this given moment. There is so much that needs to be taken into consideration. We’ll have to wait and see if anything changes.