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South Africa vs Canada Betting Tips

SA is looking forward to playing their final pool match against Canada which will take place at the Kobe Misaki Stadium on Tuesday. Canada will probably take out several players while the Springboks come back with a win. South Africa won against Italy with 49-3 at the Shizuka Stadium. Canada may make a couple of changes after they lost 63-0 to New Zealand.

The biggest game that Canada will face is one with Namibia in their final match. Kingsley Jones, the head coach said that the club will need to relax some players against Springbok’s to make sure that players are ready for their match with Namibia.

Springbok’s vs Canada Betting Odds

The sportsbooks have granted SA a -56 handicap. Canada has not been performing well in the Rugby World Cup, therefore we think the Bok’s can cover -56 at 1.90.  On the other hand, Canada has been offered 101.00 to win the game. It’s very unlikely that Canada will win, we don’t think that the Bok’s will cover the +56 handicap at 1.90 either.

Match Day

SA participated in a match against Canada and won the game on two instances. The Bok’s are a tough team to beat on the field. This year, Canada lost 9 out of 11 games. The team also lost 63-0 to New Zealand as we have mentioned above. SA was victorious in 6 out of 8 matches this year. On top of that South Africa smashed Italy. With that said, the Bok’s are the stronger team in this upcoming match, we are betting on the Bok’s to take it home tomorrow.

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