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Watford Betting

Watford Betting Sites in Australia Watford is a professional soccer team that is located in Watford, Hertfordshire. AU bettors who are thinking of Watford betting should not be discouraged. This guide was compiled to inspire punters who want to give Watson a chance and bet on the team. In the past, Watson was able to rise from the Fourth to the First Division. Watford was the runner up in the First Division and competed in the FA Cup final. The club was down for a few years until Graham Taylor returned as their manager.

The team still needs to win a major title as a club that has been in the top ranks of English soccer. Who knows maybe their fate will change this time around. Watford betting allows punters to not stand on the sideline while others make wagers. It’s really simple to be a part of the crew that is making bets on Watson. Have look at Watson betting websites that come highly recommended.

Best Watford Betting Sites

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 Watford History

John Goodwill was the club’s first manager and was able to retain the team in the division until he left. Watson won the Southern League and had the trophy for five years under the guidance of Harry Kent. Along the way, Bill McGarry called in for new players who would prove to be the right move.  In his one season with the team, he pushed the club to reach its highest position in the league. When Ken Furphy became the manager, he was able to rebuild the team and brought in other players.  For the first time, the team was able to reach the FA Cup semi-final. With the ongoing change of managers, Watford was able to taste some form of victory.

Watford Sportsbook Odds

Watford Betting Odds

For a full season, Watson claimed third place in the premier league. The club didn’t win until November. The team ended at the bottom after five league matches wins. Boothroyd as manager was able to steer the team in the championship. They only took the sixth position. Brendan Rogers move Watford up the ranks to 13th place. In the following season, the team finished 16th and 174h place after the previous manager had left. Although it might seem glooming for the team, soccer is an unpredictable sport. Taking into account that the team has achieved very few titles, punters can still bet on Watson.

Be sure to follow the fixtures that are easily accessible on the web. You must follow the schedule that is updated regularly for you to make bets at the right time.

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