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Newcastle United Betting

Newcastle United Websites Newcastle United betting is one of the most exciting activities that Australians can enjoy at any time. The soccer team can be counted as one of the top teams in English football. The club has no gone down under English soccer’s second-tier ever since the establishment of the soccer league. Newcastle has won some accolades like four league championships and won six FA Cups to name a few. The team has experienced their most successful period during the time they won their three first division titles. With so much drive from the team, Newcastle United betting shouldn’t be that hard.

Firstly, you need to be prepared for all the craziness that comes with betting. For punters who want to have a great time, they can make bets on the club. We provide reputable sportsbooks for your betting pleasure in this informative guide. The moment you decide what type of wager you want to take on Newcastle United is the perfect setting for a bet.

Best Newcastle United Betting Sites

These sites are your best mate when it comes to EPL betting on Newcastle United. Have a look at their odds and compare the websites to select the best odds.

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Newcastle United History

The roots of Newcastle United stem back to 1886, the team was called Newcastle East End FC a year later. The club’s first taste of glory came with an impressive team that would be praised for their artistic play on the field.  In the 1990s, Newcastle United won the league three times. The team was able to win the FA Cup in the end but lost the next year to Newcastle United. The team was able to participate in the Football League in 1976 to lose to Manchester City.

Newcastle United was back for the first year in the league since making the top league finish in 1927. The club has managed to become runner ups two times in a row between 1995 to 1997. From 2014 to 2015, the team didn’t win their first seven matches which made fan upset. Newcastle came back to the Premier League to try and win the championship cup. They were able to finish fourth in the league which was their highest finish in four years.

Newcastle United Background

Newcastle United Betting Odds

Over the years Newcastle has failed to win the Premier League and has instead become runner ups for two years. This was from 1996 to 1997. They have won the Football League Champions more than any other title. Although they have made it to the first division a few times, they were not able to win the league in recent years. Newcastle betting means that punters believe that the team can return to its winning days. With that said, soccer is unpredictable and who knows maybe the club will make you swallow your disappointment.

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