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Milwaukee Brewers World Series Odds Stretches after Christian Yelich Suffers Season-Ending Injury

September 12, 2019

The Milwaukee Brewers have been one of the leading squads in baseball this month. The MLB pennant races heat up with less than three weeks left in the normal season. The Milwaukee Brewers postseason desires took a blast on Tuesday evening when the team said the National League’s most prominent player, Christian Yelich, will not participating for the rest of the season. In his at-bat on that evening, in the initial innings in Miami, Christian Yelich fouled off a pitch that went off his right kneecap and touched the ground.

great season ends early for christian yelich

He did leave the field and down the steps, his kneecap was broken and he was unable to keep the leg straight. The Milwaukee Brewers manager, Craig Counsell, said that the player is disappointed and his entire body was shaking when he went down the stairs. He went on to say that they obviously received some unpleasant news. After the Milwaukee Brewers won on Tuesday against the Marlins, the club has a 76-68 record and a 7-2 record for the month. This is still five matches after the St. Louis Cardinals in the NL Central. In the Wild Card, the Milwaukee Brewers are the number one team out and one match after the Chicago Cubs.

Most Sportsbooks Are Doubtful About the Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers odds to come out victorious in the World Series went up to +4800. However, FanDuel’s director of publicity, Kevin Hennessey stated that the squad has not been performing well in recent weeks. The Milwaukee Brewers odds were at +3000 two week ago. This occurred during the period where they won six out of nine matches. He saw that their odds were short as +1400 starting of the season at fanDuel, bookie working in six states. William Hill placed the Milwaukee Brewers at +2800 on the 19th of August. The betting site is currently giving the team +4000.

It doesn’t mean that people are not in favour of the Brewers. Regardless of their performance in the previous month or the exit of their best player. Borgata Sports has offered that squad +3300 on the 14th of August. On Wednesday the Brew’s odds remained on +3300.

Great Season Ends Early

Christian Yelich won the NL MVP title in 2018 and played exceptional baseball this season. The afternoon prior to Yelich leaving the season, DraftsKing placed him as the second option for the NL MVP at +150 with Cody Bellinger offered -150. This wager was accessible at DraftsKing on Wednesday. Before Christian Yelich got hurt, PopSwap twitted a punters ticket on him taking the MLB home run crown. In April the punters bet was AU$100 on +5000 odds back.