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ASADA Employs Past Players to Encourage National Rugby League that is Drug-Free

November 06, 2019

National Rugby League players will be employed by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) to inform teams about doping. The awareness program is said to infiltrate the whole of Australia. The likes of Luke Archer, Sam Tagataese and Chris Heighington are getting training in Canberra.

David Sharp, who is the ASADA boss, stated that the agency wants to demolish the perception that they are law authorities. In addition, they want this way manner of doing things to make people understand the difficulties that athletes come across. He hopes that this approach will be pushed by old players who have gone through the pressure.

Old Players Enlisted by ASADA

Apparently there are 16 former Olympians and AU representatives who are communicating with ASADA to help the organisation. David Sharp declares that semi-professional athletes will likely dope because one in five supplements are contaminated. There have been two doping scandals thus far that had to do with supplements which makes them the first suspects for doping.

The ASADA hopes that the method will be effective by extending across pro-players. About 600 players participate in the NRL which puts them at risk. It’s no surprise that ASADA is aiming to triple anti-doping program below tier two. Three sports educators will contribute and hopefully the issues involving dope will curb.

Supplements in the Game

It looks like supplements are the major problem which makes drug tests positive. Although studies have not proved the matter, we can think of many cases that have to do with this. Scandals that have to do with doping are so many. Players can be implemented without having a clue. There, the ASADA program is moving the right direction. Remember the Essendon and Cronulla scandal? 

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