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Best NASCAR Betting

Top NASCAR Betting Sites National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is an American motor racing league that has grown in popularity around the world. In terms of viewers, NASCAR is actually the second largest spectator sport. Australian punters who want to bet on NASCAR racing can bet online at the top Australian sports betting sites. NASCAR betting and racing is a big profitable industry and wagering online comes with big rewards.

Punters will be glad to know that NASCAR governs several different auto racing series as opposed to just one racing series, meaning many betting opportunities. We give punters more information on how to capitalise on NASCAR betting, with motorsport bet types and tips that will help them make the best wagers! So, read on and learn all you need to know about NASCAR betting.

Best NASCAR Betting Sites

There are so many sports betting sites that allow punters to bet on NASCAR online. We suggest that punters use a trusted site like the ones we’ve recommended below.

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How to Bet on NASCAR

To start betting on this famous motorsport, follow the easy steps below.

  • Pick a trusted site – we can’t stress the importance of choosing a trusted NASCAR betting site. More options can be checked out at our recommended online sports betting sites.
  • Find a race – punters must choose a race they want to bet on before choosing a driver.
  • Pick a driver and bet type – a bet can be placed by punters on the driver and bet type they want based on the NASCAR racing odds.
  • Pole position – sportsbooks allow punters to bet on the racer that will win the pole position. Prior to the race, the drivers have to qualify to point out where they will start. The driver that makes it to the end with the best lap time will be given pole position.
  • Choose and confirm your wager amount – make sure you know how much you would like to bet.
  • Follow the races – bettors need to make sure that they are up to speed with what’s happening on the tracks

NASCAR Bet Types

With a payout waiting at the finish line, bets are sometimes difficult to win. Below we have the most popular types of NASCAR bets at Aussie sportsbooks.

  • Winner – punters bet on who will the race.
  • Podium finish – with these bets, punters bet on a driver to finish in the top three.
  • Fastest Lap – punters bet on the driver that they think will have the fastest lap in the race. It doesn’t matter which lap it is or where the driver finishes. For example, one driver can set the fastest lap halfway through the race and still lose.
  • Futures –punters can predict who is going to take home the NASCAR Cup long before the result is actually decided. This bet pays out well.
  • Head-to-Head Matchups – bettors choose a driver who will finish the race before the other. Both drivers compete to see who will win.
  • Prop Bets – these are bets that are not included in the above classification. For example, these bets don’t necessarily have to do with the end results of a race. These bets form a part of the race, like a punter can bet on the number of accidents in a race and so on.
NASCAR Betting

ASCAR Betting Tips

There are a few strategies punters can use when betting on NASCAR online.

  • Statistic Knowledge –it is important that punters pay attention to detail. This is because small details have a great impact on the driver’s performance and the outcome of the race. Players can check out the drivers averages to have a better idea of who to bet on.
  • Track Performance of NASCAR Drivers – drivers prefer different tracks as they are not all created the same. So, bettors must take into consideration the tracks a driver prefers, history, and their style before the race.
  • Qualifying Runs – this session helps drivers and their teams prepare for a race. Sports bettors definitely need to take this into consideration because qualifying runs have an effect on the upcoming race.
  • Race Previews – we suggest that players read the NASCAR race previews that is compiled closer to the race. Players will get insightful information about the teams and the drivers. Bettors need to research the racetrack. There is a groove line on the racetrack that cars run to be fast.  This makes multiple groove tracks more favorable because it allows drivers to drive with ease.  Pit stalls are picked according to the driver that comes first.
  • Practice – During practice, the driver’s average speed and other results are recorded and posted for punters to check out. Bettors should pay more attention to final practice. This gives a good indication of which the driver is likely to struggle.

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NASCAR Betting Odds

More punters are looking for ways to increase their chances of winning. Money can be made by NASCAR Betting. This is why betters should not take the importance of knowing what their odds are lightly. Decimal odds are common in Australia. When punters bet on NASCAR odds, they will have to consider the betting types we’ve mentioned. Also, betting on different drivers is fun and keeps bettors on the edge of their seat. The top races to wager on are the Dayton 500, Talladega Superspeedway and Darlington Raceway.

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