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MotoGP Betting

How MotorGP Betting Works MotoGP betting is a huge deal with all the petrolheads who love gambling in Australia. Punters love having a look at who will win the biggest and best professional grand prix motorcycle racing across the world. Fans get to see legendary riders like Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez, and Andrea Dovizioso, among many others, go at it to be named the fastest on the track.

If you love the sport and would like to get involved in placing cheeky wagers on it, we have got the ultimate guide for you. Below we regal you with all you need to know about betting on MotoGP. This includes how to bet on motorsports, which sports betting sites to do it at and top tips to keep in mind while doing so.

Best MotoGP Betting Sites 2020

MotoGP betting sites are a dime a dozen, but we can assure you that these down below have got the best deals for you. Bet online at one of these sportsbooks to get access to the best MotoGP odds and bets:
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How to Bet on MotoGP

MotoGP is relatively easy to understand if you are familiar with motorsport betting.  If you aren’t though, here are the bets most commonly offered at Australian sportsbooks:

  • Winning Driver – this is the equivalent to making a moneyline bet in other sports. Bettors simply select a driver they think will win a race. If the driver they have selected wins, they win the wager.
  • Podium Finish – these are bets made on a driver to finish within the top three. Odds are lower in such bets as punters have three opportunities to win as opposed to just a single one.
  • Pole Position Betting – do you know which punter will post the fastest qualifying time? Well, if you do, you may want to place a pole position bet. You never know, if you’ll be lucky enough to see it pay out!
  • Rider vs Rider – these bets don’t actually focus on who wins the race, but rather pit two drivers against each other. Basically, if a punter places this bet, they will need the driver they bet on to finish ahead the driver he is going up against. For example, if you make a bet on Valentino Rossi to finish ahead of Cal Crutchlow, all Rossi needs to do is beat Crutchlow, even if this means that he finishes 9th and Cruthlow 10th.
  • Without Driver Bets – in recent years, the MotoGP has very much been dominated by a handful of riders – the Spaniard Marc Marquez in particular. Without driver bets let punters bet on the outcome of a race without taking a particular driver into account. So, for example, if a punter excludes Marquez from the bet, it doesn’t matter if he wins, the bet will not include his result when determining the payout.

MotoGP Odds Explained

Understanding how odds work is really important when placing a sports bet. The reason is that odds help punters determine exactly how much they will win from a particular wager. If this is the only thing holding you back from betting on MotoGP races, we’ve got good news for you – we’re about to explain how you can calculate how much you’ll win on any wager you make.

So, in Australia, most sportsbooks tend to use the decimal format for displaying odds. There are other formats, but they’re commonly used at sports betting sites in the UK and North America. (This is fine as we honestly believe that the decimal system is the easiest to understand anyway.)

All this said, odds on a particular race will be displayed in the following manner at sportsbooks making use of the decimal system:

Marc Marquez (1.55)
All punters need to do to calculate how much they will win by betting on Marquez for the race in question is multiply their stake by the decimal next to his name. In this instance, an AU$150 bet will lead punters to winning AU$232,50 in total if the bet is successful. This includes both the player’s stake and winnings.

Now you know all you need to know about betting on MotoGP races online. It really is that simple!

Australian MotoGP Betting

Top MotoGP Betting Strategies

Punters are always on the lookout for hot betting tips to ensure that they make successful wagers. Below we list some general MotoGP Championship betting tips all punters should keep in mind when placing a wager on this illustrious motorcycle racing tournament.

  • Odd Shopping is a Must – we can never stress it enough but shop around for odds. If you don’t make sure that you are placing sports bets at a sportsbook with amazing odds on the bet you want to make, then you are losing out. Thus, always have a look at a number of popular sportsbooks before placing a bet.
  • Weather – always have a look at the weather conditions that are due to occur during a particular race. Some drivers are better in the rain, whereas others outshine the rest of the pack in sunny conditions. We always recommend having a good look at the weather before placing a wager.
  • Research the Track – it is well-known that certain drivers perform better on certain tracks. Always have a look at the history of the driver on a certain track before placing a wager on them. That way you will ensure that you don’t take a chance on a driver who has never won on a particular track despite being a favourite to win the overall championship.
  • Bankroll Management – in order to place more bets, you have to make sure that you are managing your bankroll efficiently. This means not placing your entire bankroll on the line for a singular bet.

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