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Motorsport Betting

How Motorsport Betting Works Motorsport betting involves placing a wager on a sport that involves determining which is the fastest car. Some of the most popular motorsports in the world include Formula 1, MotorGP and NASCAR among others. In Australia, there is also the Supercars Championship. It is possible to wager on each of these motorsport events if you so desire at the best sports betting sites.

If you’re keen to learn more about motorsport betting, we have dedicated this page as a guide teaching Australian how to bet on sports. This includes explaining the different types of bets available and the different events you can bet on.

Best Motorsport Betting Sites 2020

These are the top-rated motorsport betting sites in Australia. They offer the best motorsport betting odds on the largest number of international events.
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How to Bet on Motorsports

There are loads of motorsport betting markets available at Australian sports betting sites. For those interested in getting started in wagering on the sport, we recommend focusing on one of the following bets:

  • Moneyline – these are bets made on who will win a specific race. For example, in Formula 1, this could be a bet on Lewis Hamilton to win the Australian Grand Prix. In this situation, if Hamilton wins the race, the punter wins the wager.
  • Futures – punters attempt to predict who will win an overall season with this bet. For example, betting on Scott McLaughlin to win the next Supercars Championship title.
  • Place – betting on a driver to have the fastest time in a specific race, stage or even the whole series of races. For example, betting on Valentino Rossi to post the best time at the Australian Grand Prix.
  • H2H – these bets put two drivers up against each other. With these bets, it actually doesn’t matter who posts the fastest time as long as the driver you bet on comes out ahead of the driver you bet against.
  • Duo – similar to an exacta bet in horse racing, these bets see punters select the two drivers who they believe will finish in first and second.
  • Retire – these are bets made on a driver to fail to finish a particular race. The likelihood of a particular driver retiring in a race in highly dependent on the event that you are betting on as well as the driver in question.

Best Motorsport Betting Tips

Betting on motorsport can be hard as teams are always fine-tuning their equipment and drivers go through good and bad streaks. Thus, when betting on motorsport, follow the below advice in order to stand a better chance of making a successful bet:

  • Research the Driver – it is important to know how an established driver performs on each track before placing a bet on them. For example, if you were betting on Formula 1, you would be interested to known that Sebastian Vettel has only won the British Grand Prix twice in his career that has lasted over a decade, whereas he consistently tends to perform well in the Japanese Grand Prix. These are the sorts of factors you need to look at with regards to drivers when making a bet.
  • Research the Car – sometimes, a driver is only as good as his machine. With technical teams consistently working at improving vehicles, different manufacturers win the title on a regular basis. For example, in Formula 1, Ferrari experienced a great winning streak in the 2000s, which was suddenly broken up by Renault. More recently, the Red Bull-Renault and Mercedes team have proven to be successful on the track. A new manufacturer may soon replace Mercedes.
  • Research the Track – as previously mentioned, some drivers perform better on some tracks, and some cars are better suited to some tracks. These are both factors that bettors need to look at together if they are to make successful bets. For example, it doesn’t make sense to bet on Sebastian Vettel, who drives a Ferrari which is better suited to more technical tracks, if this week’s race is on a track that features more straights than not.

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Motorsport Events to Bet On

There are loads of different motorsport events around the world. Some of the events that have proven to be most popular with our punters include the following:

  • Formula 1 – since it’s formation in 1950, Formula 1 has grown to become one of the most popular form of motor racing around the world. Each season consists of a series of races at tracks located around the world. The competition really has proven to be one of the most exciting motorsports today. With regards to placing a wager, betting on the Australian Grand Prix has proven to be quite popular with our punters of the years.
  • MotoGP – to many motorbike racing enthusiasts, the MotoGP is the premier racing circuit around the world. Every year racers battle it out across 19 tracks spread across multiple destinations. There is even one race hosted in Australia at the Phillip Island Grand Prix in Melbourne.
  • Supercars Championship – the Supercars Championship is the premier touring car racing series in Australia. Every year, the best drivers compete to find out who is able to build the best car and race it fastest around tracks spread throughout the Australia, New Zealand and at times tracks in other parts of the world.
  • Dakar Rally – the Dakar Rally is known as one of the world’s toughest off-road endurance event. Drivers from across the world battle it out to make it across the finish line in a multistate race that sees teams cover between 800 and 900km per day in their cars.
  • NASCAR – an American stock racing division that sees racers battle it out in thousands of different races across the United States, and at other times in tracks around the world. Drivers build their own cars in the hope of creating a vehicle that is able to beat the rest.

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