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Best UFC Betting

Online UFC BettingUFC betting is quite popular with Australians who are fans of watching MMA circuits. The UFC is already widely known for the adrenaline-pumping action it provides viewers, and placing a wager on it just makes it so much better.

With so many new punters looking to get in on this fun new hobby, Australian sports betting sites have all jumped at the opportunity to provide betting lines on the sport. In order to help our punters get a better grasp of UFC betting in Australia, we have created this helpful easy-to-use guide. Here they will learn how to bet on MMA as well as how UFC odds work.

Best UFC Betting Sites 2020

If you’ve wondered about where to bet on the UFC, worry no longer as we’ve got you covered. The sports betting sites listed below all offer punters the opportunity to bet on the MMA circuit.
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How to Bet on UFC

If you understand the basics of MMA betting, you’ll understand how UFC betting works. If not, we’ve got a UFC betting lines explained guide for newbies down below:

  • Moneyline – punters predict who will win a particular fight. This is the easiest bet that can be made on a UFC fight. For example, selecting Conor McGregor to win in a fight against Tony Ferguson.
  • Round Bets – this is a variation of the moneyline bet. Instead of predicting who will win the match as a whole, punters attempt to predict which round the fighter will win in. This isn’t a very easy bet to make if the fighters are evenly matched.
  • Total Rounds – this is a bet made on the total number of rounds a UFC fight will last. In general, the most a fight can last for is five rounds, but a fight can end before that limit is reached in any number of ways.
  • Method of Victory – UFC fights can end through knockout, submission or through judge’s decision should both fighters still be standing at the end of five rounds. These bets are made on the method punters believe the match will end by. No attention is paid to who actually wins the match.
  • Parlays – these are combination bets made on multiple aspects of a fight. For example, a parlay bet may see two fighters need to win their matchups in order for the punter to be paid out. These bets offer higher odds, but they’re also harder to win because of all the different variables.

This is a general breakdown of the wagering options available at UFC betting websites. It is always important to remember that some may offer these options whereas others may not, so shop around at sportsbooks.

How do Betting Odds Work in UFC?

Understanding UFC betting odds is an essential part of wagering on the sport. Ultimately, odds are used to calculate how much a punter could win from a wager. Luckily, with our quick notes on this area, Aussies will soon be ready to place real money wagers on this sporting code.

Essentially, it is important to understand that there are multiple different ways of displaying odds at online sportsbooks: decimal, fractional and American. In Australia, the decimal method reigns supreme. With the decimal method, odds on UFC fights are displayed in the following manner:

Brock Lesnar (1.81) vs Randy Couture (2.08)
All a punter needs to do to calculate how much they could win from a wager on this match is multiply their wager against the odds next to the fighter’s name. For example, a AU$150 bet on Couture would yield a total of win AU$312. It is important to keep in mind this includes the initial stake too.

One of the things that is always important to keep in mind about UFC odds (or odds in any sport for that matter) is that they differ from sportsbook to sportsbook. While most sites will generally have the same idea about who the favourites are, they’ll have different odds on the same fighter. So, have a look around at a load of sports betting sites before placing a bet. Failing to do so may mean losing out on more winnings.

UFC Betting Australia

UFC Betting Tips for Beginners

If you’ve never placed a wager on a UFC match before, be sure to keep the following tips in mind. Each of these tips will aid in your quest of making more successful sports bets:

  • Research Fighters – if you are thinking of betting on a particular fighter, do your homework. Research their past history in the Octagon and make sure that you know their previous history in the competition. If they have a penchant for knocking out their competitors, you may want to make a method of victory bet too.
  • Consider Betting on Underdogs – it is important to remember that there is very little separating fighters in the UFC. Unless one fighter is considered to be a favourite by a long shot, we recommend taking calculated risks on underdogs from time to time. In terms of clear favourites, we say that it may be more profitable to add a secondary bet to your slip if it is to be successful.
  • Bankroll Management – this is a very important part of sports betting. Basically, we recommend that you only ever use a total of 10% of your bankroll on a singular bet. If you mismanage your overall funds, you may land up in a situation where you spend all of your betting money in one or two bets and have nothing to show for it.

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