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King of the Cage 2020

Online King of the Cage Betting AustraliaKing of the Cage is a leader in the evolution of mixed martial arts and it seems to be growing onto Australians. Fights are promoted by King of the Cage like none of the other productions companies. With so much effort that goes into these King of the Cage fights, punters are always there to bet on the action. The shows move globally which means punters can bet on the king of the cage wherever they are. KOTC fights are for the punters who take the punches as they come and knock out the best out of the betting odds.

This guide will teach you how to bet on King of the Cage fights and help you calculate your odds. We’ve also included some tips to consider when you bet at the best sports betting sites. While the King of the Cage fighters show off their skills and muscle in the cage, you can support King of the Cage champions through betting on a favourite fighter. Have your fits ready to bet on King of the Cage right here!

Where to Bet on King of the Cage

The below sportsbooks are legitimate King of the Cage betting sites.
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How to Bet on King of the Cage

King of the Cage champions are known to put on a great fight. Below is King of the Cage MMA betting options to pick from:

Moneyline – punters guess who will win a certain fight. This bet is just straight forward.

Round Bets – there are rounds that will take place and punters need to guess which round the fighter will win in.

Total Rounds – this bet is made on the total number of rounds a fighter will last in the cage

Ways to win – punters can predict what will happen in the match in the end.

Parlays – there are multiple strands that make a fight and punters bet on a combination of things that can happen in a fight.

King of the Cage Odds

If you’re wondering how much you could win from a bet, rest assured knowing that we’ll show you everything. Sportsbooks display odds in different ways meaning the same fighter will have different odds. One thing remains the same though; odds a displayed in Australia using the decimal system.

Washington        2.5

Johnson               3.1

Look at the above example, all punters need to do for the above match is multiple their bet against the odds next to the fighters name. For instance, an AU$120 bet on Washington means your outcome would be AU$300.

KOTC Betting Australia

King of the Cage Betting Tips

Even though UFC draws a lot of MMA betting attention. Don’t just focus on it for that reason. You can give King of the Cage betting a fighting chance and you could be surprised with the outcome.

Fighters Background – make sure that you check out your favourite fighters history.

Bet on the Underdogs – punters should look out for the underdog that is sometimes taken for granted. Check out the features that make the underdog stand out and follow his matches.

Bankroll – make sure you use your funds wisely and bet on a fight as planned. Don’t be tempted to spend more than you bargain for.

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