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how to bet on mma fights

Mixed martial arts betting (or MMA betting) focuses on placing wagers on fighting circuits, such as Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Bellator or Rizin, among others.

With the sport continually growing on a year-on-year basis around the world, it stands to reason that many Aussies would like to place some good bets on one of these popular leagues. It is for this reason we have created the ultimate MMA betting guide, so that we can teach punters how to bet on the sport and where the best MMAonline betting sites are.

Best MMA Betting Websites 2019

If you’re looking for the top-rated MMA betting site, don’t look any further. The list of options below should be able to help you with all your MMA needs, including providing the best odds and bets.

MMA Betting Guide Contents

How to Bet on MMA Fights

MMA betting lines may seem somewhat scary to punters who have never bet on the sport before. With our easy to understand guide, Aussies will soon be placing wagers in all sorts of MMA betting markets at the top sports books. Below are the most popular wagering options at Australian sites:

  • Moneyline – these are the simplest possible bets Australian punters can place on an MMA fight. All that is required with them is to select a predicted victor in a specific matchup.
  • Totals or Over/Under Bets – these are bets placed on how long the fight will last as opposed to the score. Basically, sportsbooks will set a duration they expect the match to last and will then allow punters to bet over or under that number.
  • Method of Victory – this bet focuses on how the match is won, regardless of who the victor is. The options available to punters include submission, KO and decision.
  • Points Handicap – these bets take the traditional rules of handicap betting and adapt it to MMA. Basically, sportsbooks will give a favoured fighter a set advantage to win a certain number of rounds, for example, three. The fighter will then need to win at least three rounds in the match up in order for bets made on him or her to payout.
  • Parlays – also known as combination bets, these wagers see punters combining a number of bets on different matches to create a larger wager. For example, a combination bet may see punters bet on both Anderson Silva and Jon Jones to win two separate matches. In order for the bet to payout, both fighters will need to be victorious in their respective matches.

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MMA Betting Odds Explained

Picking the correct sportsbook is extremely important in MMA betting for several reasons. Firstly, not all sportsbooks offer the same betting opportunities. Some may not offer punters the chance to bet on certain fights, whereas others may not provide punters with certain betting lines. There are also external terms and conditions to pay attention to, such as how much you can wage on a single fight.

Secondly, different sportsbooks offer different sets of odds on the same fight. Ultimately, it should be your aim to find the sportsbook with the best odds on the fight you would like to bet on and for the bet you would like to make.

Australian MMA sports betting sites will always display odds using the decimal system. This means that odds on a fight will be displayed in the following manner:

Anderson Silva (2.04) vs Israel Adesanya (1.92)

Bettors are able to calculate the payout they may earn from making a particular bet by multiplying their wager against the decimals next to the fighter’s name. For example, an AU$100 wager on Anderson Silva at 2.04 odds will payout AU$204.

MMA Betting Australia

MMA Betting Tips

MMA, like boxing, requires punters to consider a whole load of different aspects when compared to more popular ball and stick sports. In a sense, there are fewer variables as a fighter can only ever win or lose a matchup, however, that doesn’t mean there aren’t specific elements to pay attention to.

With our tips below, Aussie punters will soon find themselves making more successful MMA online betting picks:

  • When betting on fights in which there does not seem to be a clear favourite, we recommend sticking to prop wagers. The reason for this is that it easier to predict how many points two good fighters will score as opposed to who will win the match.
  • If a particular fighter is known for winning matches by knockout or submission, we recommend that you capitalise on this and place bets on the fight ending with a correlating finisher.
  • When making in-play bets, try to bet fighters that have displayed more energy throughout the contest. Ultimately, it is energy that wins a combatant a match thus try to make bets on the fighter that shows no sign of letting up.
  • Pay attention to the physical attributes of each fighter. A few extra centimetres in height and reach can make all the difference with regards to the final victor. Weight is also pretty important in edging to victory. Don’t solely focus on these aspects but at the same time they are not be ignored.

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