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Irland vs Russia Betting Predictions

Japan defeated Ireland which meant that they were now going to be second in Pool A. The club was able to beat Scotland which means that they are able to qualify for matches. Russia will play with Samoa in their last two matches. The match that will decide which team will play against Ireland in the final eight will be the Japan vs Scotland game. Bonus points are up for grabs and Ireland wants to win the match by all means.

There have been eleven changes made by Ireland in their game against Russia. Russia is ranked 20th in the globe. In the world cup finals the Bears have lost six matches. The club singled as the club that doesn’t have a point in the group. After this Irland v Russia match, will Russia stay without any points? So far, it looks like Ireland is the better team to run with.


Key Aspect of Irland vs Russia

When you decide which team to bet on keep in mind the follow:

  • Ireland was victorious in their past two games against Russia with 97 points.
  • Ireland is ranked 19 positions above their competitions.
  • Russia lost six matches in the world cup finals.
  • Russia will be strong after resting for a week.

Irland vs Russia Betting Odds

Considering that Ireland has won against Russia before, they are likely to do the same once again. Many sportsbooks are in favour of Ireland. The team has a 1.002 chance of winning the World Cup. Russia has 51.00. The likelihood that the game will end in a draw is 101.00. Ireland has 2.00 to cover the -52 handicap and Russia has the same odds to cover +53.

Does this mean that you have to scratch Russia out of your books? Well, you will have to bet on the team you think will win but we are with Ireland this time around.