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India vs Bangladesh 1st Test Match 2019 Preview and Betting Odds

India takes on Bangladesh in their first Test of the series on Friday 15 November. It would be India’s seventh win straight in a row if they win the match. In the latest series India has displayed exceptional form in the longer format. The squad was victorious in their previous six games and are in good form as ahead of their game with Bangladesh. A match against South Africa saw the team win 3-0.

The Tigers lost their previous three Test games. New Zealand defeated the team twice and Afghanistan once. Bangladesh had 173 in their final innings and lost by 224 runs. Mominul Haque is a batsman to look out for during the cricket match.

India vs Bangladesh Betting Lines

India is a favourite to win the game with their odds set at 1.11. The team can win against Bangladesh who is not that confident. It’s obvious to see why Bangladesh is the underdogs with odds of 17.00. The team will battle against India’s strong batting line-up as their batsmen try to get runs. This is something the team has not been successful in doing.

Facts about the Match

  • India were victorious in their previous six Test matches
  • Mayank Agarwal scored 2 100+ scores in his previous 4 Test innings for India
  • In his last Test innings Rohit Sharma scored 3 100+ scores for India
  • Mishfiqur Rahim and Mominul are Bangladesh’s top batsman

Test Series Preview for India vs Bangladesh

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