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Horse Racing Betting Strategy Guide Australia

Horse Racing Betting Strategy GuideWhen choosing a reliable horse racing betting strategy, Australians might face some hurdles. This includes the endless accessibility of strategies on the internet that can leave a punter confused. Some punters have gone to great lengths to create a strategy. Perhaps you want a strategy that stands out from the rest if that is the case we have got you covered. Without a doubt, horse racing betting strategy on the most popular sport can be profitable. This sport draws all sorts of punters who can easily overlook useful tips that are available to them.

While there isn’t one method to achieve the results you want from sports betting. We want to get you there and help you learn from your mistakes. We hope you have polished up your horse betting basics before you go further. We have put together a simple winning horse racing strategy guide for punters who want to be successful. Here are is the best horse racing betting strategy that works.

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Horse Racing Strategy Guide Contents

Best Horse Racing Betting Strategy

Have a look at some critical points that Aussies have to consider when they wager on a pony.

Study Form

The details we are about to discuss can be seen on a horse racing card. Many betting sites have full race cards and analysis from experts. The relevant information that a form guide will give you is written below:

  • Horse’s Details – the horse’s gender, age, number and colour is given.
  • Horse’s Last Finishing Position – this information is about which place the horse took in the last season.
  • Horses Equipment – there are some horses that wear items on their heads to help calm the nerves and concentrate.
  • Jokey and Trainer Names – punters should know the trainer and jockey’s relationship as a team.
  • Weight To Carry – the horses that are in form carry the biggest weight. This is done in handicap races to level the field.
  • Course and Distance – horses that won over the distance races will have a “D” next to their name. The horses that have won the course will have a “C”
Horse Racing Betting Strategy Australia

Wager on Multiple Runners

Think about betting on several runners per race is a tactic used by the most professional punters. This is done after they have noted that all the runners in a race are over the odds and the value is profitable. It’s a logical approach if you know how to stake. Many players bet on different runners per race and their results is simply level staking each wager, which ends up in minimal profits. One way to approach this is by betting to return the same amount regardless of which runner wins. Then, slowly get into wagering on more runners once you become better as selecting runners with bigger overs.

Take Advantage of Sportsbooks

There are punters who realise that they need to exploit opportunities that aren’t in favour of the bookmakers. Sportsbooks like to have odds positioned in their favour. However, each way betting can go around this. Each way bets for bettors can be found in races where there is not strong favourite. They are likely to end up in 2nd and 3rd place.

Horse Betting System

The point system helps you improve the likelihood of selecting a winner. This is when you rate the front-running horses. Here is how the point system works:

  • Five points for every win
  • 2nd place gets two points
  • 3rd place receives three points
  • 4th place receives one point

After adds point with the following system:

  • If it has won over course add 2 points
  • When it has won over distance add three points
  • 4 points when it has won over both course and distance
  • 2 points if the horse has been a beaten favourite
  • 3 points if the horse is in the first three of wagering

As soon as punters have calculated the points, they can add to the score the pony’s racing post rating.

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