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Best Golden Slipper Betting

Online Golden Slipper BettingGolden Slipper betting is a popular option for horse racing fans across Australia. The race is one of the most popular for two-year old thoroughbreds in the country. It takes place at the Rosehill Gardens Racecourse in Sydney each and every March. The winner is awarded a fat purse that consists of AU$3.5 million each year. If you’re keen on learning how to bet on the Golden Slipper, we’ve got a horse racing betting guide to help you out right here.Below we go through the most popular bets you can make on the Golden Slipper as well as some general tips to keep in mind when betting on it. We also provide the best list of sports betting sites for wagering on the Golden Slipper here. So, read on to find out more.

Best Golden Slipper Betting Sites 2020

The sports betting site below will tend to all of your horse racing needs. Not only do they provide Australian punters with the best Golden Slipper odds and bets, but they also provide them with good betting options for other horse racing events.

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How to Bet on the Golden Slipper

If you’re not to sure about how horse racing betting works, we’ve got the ultimate guide for you to follow here. Below we discuss all the most popular bets you can make on the Golden Slipper at Australian sportsbooks online. Horse racing bets are often divided into two categories: basic bets and exotic bets.

Basic Bets

  • Win Bet – as the name suggests, this is a bet made on which horse may win the race. It is comparable to the moneyline bet in other sports.
  • Place – similar to the win bet, punters just place a bet on a horse to place first, second or third with this bet. Since there are three opportunities to win, odds are lower with this bet.
  • Each Way – this is an equal stake bet on both win and place options.

Exotic Bets

  • Exacta – bettors wager on which horses will finish first and second in that exact order.
  • Quinella – similar to an exacta bet, but horses can finish first and second in either order.
  • Box – you can box a number of horses to finish in multiple different orders. It is important to note that the greater the number of options you include in your box bet, the lower the odds you’ll get on that bet.
  • First Four – punters aim to name the horses that will finish in the first positions of one singular race.
  • Big 6 – punters aim to pick the winners of the top six races. If they are able to do so, they will win a big price based on the odds associated with all races.
  • Quadrella – similar to a Big 6 bet except with only four horses instead of six.

There are loads of other bets you can make on the Golden Slipper. Be sure to visit our horse racing page to find out more about the bets you can make on events.

Golden Slipper Betting Online Australia

Top Golden Slipper Betting Tips & Tricks

While the Golden Slipper is a race that sees new competitors partake in it every single year, it is important to keep the following betting tips in mind when placing a cheeky wager:

  • Pay attention to whether your prospective pick is an inside or outside runner. The race starts from a chute meaning that horses in the inside generally tend to perform better. In fact, outside runners have never really had all too much luck in the Golden Slipper.
  • Most Golden Slipper winners of the last fifteen years have entered the race coming off a win. This means it may prove wise to bet on a horse that has seen victory in one of the races leading up to this event. This includes the Reisling Stakes and more.
  • There are loads of tipsters out there that love giving tips for the Golden Slipper but we caution you from paying mind to the advice they give. The reason for this is that any person can guess who is going to win the race and post a page about it on the internet. If you want to follow tips, you need to make sure that the tipster you’re following has a proven track record of getting guesses right and pay attention to a number of outcome influencing factors.

For more race specific tips closer to the race, we recommend that you take a look at our blog, where we provide punters with all the latest sports betting news.

Last 10 Golden Slipper Winners

Over the last ten years, the following horses have been lucky enough to win the Golden Slipper. It is important to have a look at the trainers of each of these horses to see if there is any consistency when it comes to trainers.

2017She Will Reign
2010Crystal Lily

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