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Doncaster Mile Betting

Online Doncaster Mile Betting Doncaster Mile betting is popular among horse racing fans in Australia. While the event does not have the same prestige as the Melbourne Cup, it still proves to be a wonderous affair for all the lucky punters who get to attend it at the Royal Randwick Racecourse in Sydney. If you ever thought about betting on the Doncaster Mile, we’ve got the ultimate punter’s guide. Below is a list of the top-rated Doncaster Mile betting sites along with tips to follow when betting on the horse race at Australian sports betting sites.

Best Doncaster Mile Betting Sites

These are all our favourite Doncaster Mile betting sites. They are sure to provide punters with the best odds and bets:
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How to Bet on the Doncaster Mile

Doncaster Mile bets consist of those generally available in horse racing. If you are unsure of what those are, they include the following:

  • Win Bets – similar to a match result bet in other sports, the win bet is just a bet made on a horse to win the race. It is the easiest bet you’ll ever make. (You’ll still need to do the research though.)
  • Place Bets – these bets are similar to win bets, but the odds are much lower. The reason is that punters bet on a horse to simply place rather than win. This means all their selection needs to do is finish first, second or third.
  • Each Way – there are two parts to these bets: win and place. The bet will payout if the bettor’s selection wins or places in the race. The trade-off of making such a bet is that there are lower odds, which means less winnings.
  • Exotic Bets – these are bets made on multiple horses in the same races. Below is a full list of possible bets:
    • Exacta – these bets consist of picking two horses to finish first and second in no specific order.
    • Quinella – this is a bet made on two horses to finish in first and second in exact order.
    • Trifecta – the same sort of bet as an exacta, except with three horses instead of two.
    • First Four – as the name implies, this bet involves picking four horses to finish in the first four in no particular order. Again, pretty much the same thing as an exacta bet, except with more horses.

Doncaster Handicap Odds

One of the most important things about betting on Doncaster Mile is ensuring that you get the best odds. Remember that all sportsbooks have different methods for calculating odds on the event which may lead them to give your favoured horse better odds in some situations.

Most Australian sportsbooks use the decimal odds format when displaying odds on the Doncaster Mile. Below is an example of what punters can expect odds to look like when gambling online:

The Autumn Sun (4.50)

To calculate how much you could potentially win with a bet on The Autumn Sun all you need to do is make use of the following formula:

Stake x Odds

So, for example, an AU$100 bet on The Autumn Sun would payout AU$450 if the horse wins. We know this because AU$100 multiplied by 4.50 gives us AU$450. It’s all simple maths really, but it is important to understand that this figure includes a bettor’s stake as well.

Online Doncaster Mile Betting Australia

Doncaster Mile Betting Tips & Tricks

There are no failproof tips in sports betting, but the advice below may give you better odds of winning from time to time. Be sure to keep them in mind when making best on the Doncaster Mile:

  • Pay attention to all the races leading up to the Doncaster Mile. Many of the previous winners of the Doncaster Mile have won several events en route to the celebrated race.
  • Historically, it is known that three-year-olds have had a pretty good record within the race. If you find one such horse competing in the event who has won quite a few events prior to the Doncaster Mile, you should probably pay good attention to it.
  • Over the last ten or so years, horses trained by Australia’s own Chris Waller have won the event a total of six times. It is never a bad bet to back one of the trainer’s horses.
  • As always, make sure that you shop around for odds. You never know which sportsbook will provide punters with the best odds, thus it is important to take a look at all of them. This way you will ensure that you make the most money.

Doncaster Mile History

The first-ever Doncaster Mile event was held in 1866 and has seen increasing popularity ever since. It has always seen horses older than three-years compete to win the massive purse. The highest number of times a trainer has won the race is seven and that was legendary trainer Tommy J. Smith. (Chris Waller seems to be closing in on this number though.)

List of Doncaster Mile Winners

2018Happy Clapper1:33.1
2017It’s Somewhat1:39.1
2014Sacred Falls1:39.5
2013Sacred Falls1:37.9
2012More Joyous1:35.5
2011Sacred Choice1:39.4
2009Vision And Power1:36.6
2008Triple Honour1:38.6

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