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Puck Line Betting Australia

Australian puck line betting guide

Puck line betting is used for only one sport which is ice hockey. Australians can make puck line bets at any time. Our credible sportsbooks are there so punters can bet on big leagues like the National hockey League (NHL). The point spread is used for underdogs and favourite teams. How does puck line betting work?  It simply means that the odds change to the point spread and adjust based on the strength of the favoured team and the weakness of the underdog. Most hockey fans have some knowledge about puck line betting. 

If you don’t know much and how to calculate the lines but are keen on learning, we have you covered in our guide down below. We will explore what the pros and cons of such bets are. The best way to see which team is likely to win is for you to be able to calculate puck lines. Moreover, we provide hockey bettors strategies that are useful. More details about how to make this wager at sports betting sites follows bellow.

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Puck Line Betting Guide Contents

How Puck Line Betting Works

The puck line in hockey is placed at +1.5 or -1.5. The + is for the underdog while the - is for the favourite. This means you add the stated amount to the underdog goals and subtract it from the favourite. Let’s say for example we have two teams; Tampa Bay Lightning has a total score of 4 vs. Detroit Red Wings has a total score of 9. Remember that the puck line spread is always 1.5.

  1. Tampa Bay Lightning (-4+1.5 =5.5)
  2. Detroit Red Wings (-9-1.5=7.5)

All that we did in the above example in our guide is ad 1.5 to the underdog and subtracted the same amount for the favourite. As you can see your puck line bet on Detroit Red Wings is still more than the Tampa Bay Lightning which means the team still wins.

Puck Line Betting Online Australia

Puck Line Betting Strategy

The NHL usually has tight matches that occur between great and worse teams. Puck lines allow punters to wager on a certain club with or in opposition a spread.  It’s a matter of being able to use such lines and you’ll have a good betting strategy. 

  1. Find Games – firstly, players have to find several games to bet on. This involves looking at the matchup and choosing which one has value in wagering puck lines.
  2. Timing is Important – they will be times when wagering a puck line makes more sense than making the moneyline or totals wager on a hockey game. If the favourite in a match is obvious then a puck line wager could possibly earn players some profit.
  3. Travel Schedule – the more you research about the team the better. It is important to be up to date with the schedule of the team. Where will they be playing their games throughout the season? If you already know the answer the question that means you’re on the right track. The travel schedule affects the team’s chances of winning.
  4. Evaluate Line Shifts – the moneyline doesn’t stand still and is bound to move up and down prior to a game. Players will have to look prior wagering on puck line the shift in the moneyline.
  5. Line Shopping – visit multiple wagering sites and find out which one has the value bet. We recommend that you start right with our credible betting sites.

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