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Presidents Cup Betting

Best Presidents Cup Betting Sites AustraliaIn contrast to other tournaments, the Presidents Cup does not pay professional golf players to participate in a series of matches. The biggest tournament will take place at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club. More so, the event will be one of the most historic competitions in Australia’s golf history. The matches happen between the United States teams and international teams (excluding Europe). The tournament offers a golf wagering opportunity with a difference as it is a team event that is similar to the Ryder Cup.

Now that you know about the Presidents Cup, you can easily wager at sports betting sites right here. All punters have to do is follow our detailed guide. Here you will find the events’ betting odds and tips that will help you make well-informed decisions. With the top-rated sportsbooks available for your betting pleasure, there really isn’t a reason for not wagering. You can look forward to learning more about the Presidents Cup as you read on.

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How to Bet on the Presidents Cup

These are popular wagering options that punters can select from:

  • To Win – punters choose a team that will win the event on that day.
  • Outrights/Futures – players predict which team will win the Presidents Cup.
  • Head-to-heads – players wager on two golfers who will face each other in the event. This boils down to your golf players doing better than the competitor for you to win the bet.
  • Props – punters wager on what will happen in the tournament.

Presidents Cup Betting Tips

Here are some tips when considering betting on the Presidents Cup:

Format of the Tournament – the Presidents Cup event consists of 30 competitions. The format will change slightly in 2019, each player must play at least one match before the singles match. In previous years players were required to play in two matches prior to single matches.

Pay Attention to the Venue – the course plays a role in terms of helping punters choose a team that is better suited for the venue. In this case, the Presidents Cup will be taking place at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club which means international teams will be relying on Australian players who have a home advantage.

Players Need To Be In Form – punters need to follow the players who will be participating in the event. They must check if the players are in the form or not. You will be able to determine this by how well the professional golfer has been performing.

Presidents Cup Betting

Presidents Cup Odds

Australian betting sites mostly use decimal format when displaying odds. It’s a simple format to understand and is usually shown like this at sportsbooks:


Aussies can calculate their potential winning as follows; for example, an AU$ 120 wager on an international team, take your initial amount and multiply it by the number next to the team. Your potential winnings will be calculated in this manner (120×3.00= 360). So, your potential winnings is AU$360.

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