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Pine Valley Golf Club

Pine Valley Golf ClubDistinctively stunning, and captures the attention of many golf enthusiasts in AU is the Pine Valley Golf Club. Search around the world and you won’t find this unique golf course that stands elegantly in isolation. Furthermore, the pine valley golf club was rated the number one golf course on the planet. Pine Valley Golf Club, located in New Jersey is one of the most exclusive golf clubs you would want to be a part of. Many would love to have an intimate experience on the golf course let alone be a part of the pine valley golf and country club.

A costly price goes behind the quality the Pine Valley Golf Club offers its members. South New Jersey’s legendary, Pine Valley Golf and Country Club presents a pleasant view for a relaxing day. We give you reasons to admire the Pine Valley golf course and maybe even become a member. It’s worth your time to tour the course with us to read more about the Pine Valley Golf Club. We also provide Aussies with some great sports betting sites that offer some good betting lines!

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About the Pine Valley Golf Club

With green land, trees and sand that is seen around. Pine Valley Golf Club is a breath of fresh air. Hell’s half-acre is what it is best recognized for its sand characteristic that divides the fairway. Pine Valley Golf Club layout is gorgeous and has been providing exceptional space privately for the pleasure of its golf members and their visitors. The hospitality is something to rave about.  It’s difficult to imagine the divine environment without physically being on the course.

Pine Valley Golf and Golf Club History

A bunch of golfers from The City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia) made the decision to purchase land in Southern New Jersey in 1913. George Arthur Crump was brought in by these men to build the golf course. This showed not to be an easy task so he brought some people to help him with the construction.  Harry Colt, A.W. Tillinghast, Perry Maxwell are some of the men who helped him along with Walter Travis and Charles Hugh Alison. George Arthur Crump was seen as strange by a few people in the golf scene because of his “rules”. Hundred years later his ideas are viewed as coming from a genius.

George Arthur Crump said that when someone was playing a particular hole, other holes shouldn’t be seen by the person playing. Also, constructive holes must never be played in one direction and no hole should be side by side to one another. His vision of the course design was to make players think creatively on the spot and use each club in the bag several times. Some courses have not embraced the same rules. The first eleven holes were built and finished off in 1922. Sadly, George Crump passed away four years after.

Pine Valley Guide Australia

Pine Valley Golf Club Address

Location: Pine Valley, New Jersey

Year Opened: 1913

 Owner/Operated: by Private

Course Designer: George Arthur Crump, Harry Colt, A.W. Tillinghast, Perry Maxwell, Charles Hugh Alison, Walter Travis

Par: 70

Yardage: 7,057 yards

Host to: 1936 and 1985 Walker Cup, The Crump Cup (1922-current)

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