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Fantasy Basketball

Online Fantasy Basketball BettingFantasy basketball betting has seen a real rise in Australia over the past few years. With the National Basketball Association (NBA) being as popular as it is in the country and the National Basketball League (NBL) gaining prominence, there are many Aussie fantasy sports fans looking to create their own fantasy basketball teams. It is for these reasons we have decided to create the ultimate guide to this wonderous game.

Below we teach punters how fantasy basketball works along with strategies to use when drafting top teams regardless of whether you’re playing a daily fantasy sports game or one that lasts a season. So, read on and learn more about this wonderous fantasy Aussie sports betting option that puts you in the driver’s seat of sports games.

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How Does Fantasy Basketball Work?

Essentially, fantasy basketball is played in the same way that other fantasy sports are played. If you are unsure of how other sports work too, keep reading because we’re about to explain it all you. Although practically each fantasy basketball league is built upon its own set of rules, there are a few principles that remain pretty much standard throughout every league.

Basically, most leagues will surround a particular basketball tournament. It could be the NBA, NB, EuroBasket or any other popular competition – it all depends on which league you choose to join. After joining, you will then be made to build a team based on the players in the league. Your team will have a salary cap and each player will have a price. You can’t go over this price, so you need to make sure that you create the ultimate team by selecting the best possible players with this in mind.

Players will then earn points based on real-life games. They earn points for scoring or preventing their opponent from scoring. However, they lose points for conceding, committing fouls or losing a game. The team that is able to score the most points in a set period of time is declared the winner of the fantasy league and of all bets placed. The period of time could be anything from a single match week to an entire season depending on the league a punter chooses to join.

It is important to note that the scoring rules in a fantasy league can change based on the organisers. So, it is important to keep this in mind when signing up and placing a bet.

Fantasy Basketball Online Australia

Top Fantasy Basketball Strategy

If there was an ultimate fantasy basketball strategy that you ensured you finish first in your league each and every time you play, everybody would be using it to win real money prizes. Unfortunately, there is no such thing, but that said, there definitely are a load of fantasy basketball tips to keep in mind when building a team. We’ve listed some below:

  • Read the Rules of the League – as we mentioned earlier, the rules of league change based on the organisers. It is very important to ensure that you understand the rules of the league before joining it, so you can build a team accordingly. Remember you don’t want to build a team around top scorers if the fantasy league you joined awards more points for defensive acts.
  • Pay Attention to Length of the Competition – if you’re a casual sports fan and lose interest in a basketball tournament halfway through a season, you may not want to sign up to season long fantasy league. The reason being it would require you to keep a keen eye on the league for months on end. If you’re not able to do this, you may want to think about participating in daily fantasy sports betting rather than entering a competition that lasts a season.
  • Look into Player and Season Stats – did you know that five of the top ten scorers in the NBA 2016 season were players in backcourt positions? Well, these are stats you are going to need to know if you want to create the ultimate fantasy basketball team. Regardless of whether your playing in a daily match or season long league, it is important to know what is going on in a basketball tournament you would like to create a fantasy team from.

Popular Fantasy Basketball Leagues

If you’re looking for some world-renown basketball leagues that will let you show your outstanding knowledge of the sport to your friends, then look no further than those listed below:

  • NBA Fantasy – the NBA Fantasy league is built around the most popular basketball league in the world. There are loads of gaming operators around the world authorised to host fantasy competitions based on the league. Some of the most notable include FanDuel, Bet Stars and Yahoo! Sports.
  • NBL Fantasy – based on Australia’s premier basketball league, the NBL Fantasy tournament sees fans across the country battle it out to create the best team in the country. It is important to note though that the game is a season long tournament, so a lot will be required from punters.
  • EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge – this competition works in a similar fashion to the NBL Fantasy competition in that punters sign up for a season long league game. They don’t have to bet anything but still stand a chance to win amazing real money prizes

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