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Best Big Bash League Betting Guide Australia

how to bet on big bash league

Big Bash League betting (or BBL betting) is extremely popular at Australian sportsbooks. The league gives avid punters an opportunity to bet on some exciting T20 cricket matches during the hot summer months. Since launching in 2011, the tournament has gone to become one of the most watched T20 events in the world. It showcases the best Australia has to offer, while top sportsbooks give punters the chance to place a good wager on them. understands how popular BBL betting is in the nation, which is why we have created this ultimate guide to placing a wager on the tournament. Here, punters will find a list of the best BBL betting sites, along with great free tips on how to bet on it. So, read on to find out more about this great form of cricket betting.

Best BBL Betting Sites 2019

These are the best sites to place a wager on the Big Bash League. They offer the best BBL betting odds along with great promotions that are sure to excite even hard to please punters.

7Top Australian Sports Betting Sites 2019
  1. Neds
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  2. MadBookie
    Mad Bookie Sportsbook

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  3. TopBetta
    TopBetta Betting Site Australia

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  4. Draftstars
    Draftstars Top Sports

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  5. ClassicBet
    ClassicBet Sportsbook

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  6. 10Bet Sport
    TitanBet Sportsbook

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    7 Sportsbook

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Big Bash League Betting Guide Contents

How to Bet on the Big Bash League

Most BBL betting sites should offer punters the opportunity to make any standard cricket bet on any league game. These include any of the following:

  • Head-to-Head Bets – this is the standard bet available on every sort of sport that is available to bet on. All punters do is select a winner for the singular match in question or state that it will end in a draw.
  • Outrights – along with head-to-head bets, outrights are the most common form of bet found at BBL betting sites. Basically, punters predict who is going to win the tournament long before the final is played. Odds change as the league progresses and a more likely winner becomes clear.
  • Batsmen Bets – these are propositional bets that focus on batsmen. This may be a bet on which player will score the most runs or which will score the most sixers or which partnership will take the longest to bowl out. There are loads of different options.
  • Bowler Bets – pretty much the same as the batsmen props, but these focus on bowlers. Punters can bet on who will take the most wickets in a single match or even the whole tournament.
  • Man-of-the-Match – this is a bet made on who will be named the best player in a particular match. This may be difficult to predict before a particular match starts as players have on and off days all the time despite good form in a previous match.

BBL Betting Tips

Aussies are always looking for good Big Bash League betting tips in order to stand a better chance of making more successful bets. With the tips listed below, Aussies should have an easier time winning bets (or at the very least, making more money with bets):

  • Try to find sites that offer great BBL bets. Ultimately, the league is one of the most bet on sporting tournaments in Australia, so sportsbooks run many wonderful bets on it to try attract punters to their site. This includes boosted odds, cashback offers and more. Take advantage of this!
  • Take note of the tournament’s history. So far, in the last decade of its existence, a total of six of the eight teams have won it. This means that it is anyone’s game at the start of a new season and that it is important for punters to analyse each team before making an outright.
  • Remember to note the differences between team strategies in T20 and Test matches. Many cricket fans believe that T20 games tend to post a larger number of sixes, so it may be good to try focus on batsmen props.
  • As with all sports bets, make sure that you shop around for odds. This is the best way to make sure you make the most money possible with sports betting.
big bash league betting sites

Big Bash League History, Teams & Past Winners

The Big Bash League is the most popular club cricket tournament in Australia. Formed in 2011, this Twenty20 league sees the biggest and best state teams compete to be named the top cricket side in the country. Currently, a total of eight teams compete in the Big Bash League. These are the Sydney Sixers, Melbourne Stars, Perth Scorchers, Hobart Hurricanes, Brisbane Heat, Adelaide Strikers, Sydney Thunder and the Melbourne Stars.

With cricket being as popular as it is in Australia, league game has a large viewership filled with punters who would like to place a cheeky wager on the game. Luckily, with the BBL betting sites listed above, this is very easy.

Past Winners

Here is a full list of past winners of the tournament since it was first launched in 2011. So far, the most successful team has been the Perth Scorchers with a total of three wins. The team also has the highest percentage of games won overall since the league started at 59.63%.




Melbourne Renegades


Adelaide Strikers


Perth Scorchers


Sydney Thunder


Perth Scorchers


Perth Scorchers


Brisbane Heat


Sydney Sixers

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