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NBA Betting

How NBA Betting Works NBA betting is extremely popular in Australia. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the biggest basketball league in the world. It sees 30 teams across North America go at it in one of the most competitive tournaments in the world. The excitement surrounding games only increases when you place a wager on a game.

If you’re keen on learning how to bet on this prestigious league, we’ve created the ultimate NBA sports betting guide. Here punters will learn how the tournament works, the bets they can place, as well as some general basketball betting tips.

Best NBA Betting Sites

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What is the NBA?

As previously mentioned, the NBA is probably the most popular basketball betting league in the world. It sees 30 teams compete for the chance to lift the NBA Championship trophy at the end of the season. With American sports often making use of a tournament format that not all Australians are familiar with, we delve into the basics of how the league works here.

Fundamentally, the league consists of two conferences (East and West) which are then divided further into three divisions. Each team in the league will play a total of 82 games throughout the season, with a total of 36 games being against teams within their own division.

At the end of the regular season, the eight teams with the best win-loss ratios go through to the playoff round (also known as the knockout stages.) During this round, teams will only play sides from their own conferences until a champion for each is decided. In the final game of the season, the winners of the Eastern and Western conferences face each other to determine the winner of the season’s NBA Championship title.

One important thing to note about NBA matches is that they cannot end in a draw. If at the end of a regular 60-minute game teams are still an equal level, a five-minute overtime period will be added to the game until a winner is decided. This creates interesting betting dynamics at online NBA betting sites.

How to Bet on the NBA

There are loads of different NBA betting lines available to Australian bettors at top sportsbooks. We’ve divided the selection into basic and intermediate basketball wagers to help new bettors understand the differences:

Basic Bets

  • Moneyline NBA Betting – this is the same bet in pretty much any sport. The punter is simply picking which team will win a particular match-up.
  • Handicap Bets – these bets add a new dynamic to the standard moneyline bet by adding an advantage or disadvantage to a particular team. Teams that are favoured to win a match-up will have a disadvantage to overcome, whereas underdogs will have somewhat of an advantage. Basically, favourites will need to win by a certain margin in order for bets to be successful.
  • Totals – with these bets, punters attempt to predict the total score of a particular game. Essentially, they bet on whether the figure will be over or under the NBA betting prediction set by the bookmaker.

Intermediate Bets

  • Outrights/Futures – these bets see punters trying to predict which team will win the NBA Championship sometime before it actually takes place. It could be before the 82-game season even begins or sometime during it.
  • Parlays – bets of this nature see punters place multiple games on the same card to potentially win a much bigger cash prize. Bettors will need to predict each result correctly to win the prize though.
  • Quarter/Half Bets – these are bets placed on a specific quarter or half of the game. Bettors can make moneyline, handicap, or total bets for this specific period of time.
  • Props – these are bets made on a specific event happening taking place in the game. For example, in a game featuring the Los Angeles Lakers, bettors may wager on Lebron James to score first.
NBA Betting in Australia

NBA Betting Odd

If you’re going to become an avid sports bettor, you’re going to need to know how NBA betting odds work. There are three types of odds systems used:

  • Decimal – odds as a decimal number. Bettors multiply their wager by the decimal to find out their total potential winnings.
  • Fractional – odds displayed as a fraction. Bettors multiply their bet by the numerator to find out how much they can without the wager amount included.
  • Moneyline – mostly used in American sportsbooks. Punters use the following formulas to calculate their winnings depending on which mathematical sign precedes the number:
    • Positive – Odds x (Stake/100)
    • Negative – (100/Odds) x Stake

The odds a team stands to win is based on a number of different factors, including aspects such as:

  • Injuries and team rotation – are star players in the line-up for an upcoming game?
  • Team schedule – playing four away games in different schedules reduces win rates.
  • Team form – is the team doing well? What do the last 10 results look like?
  • Stats and history – does the team in question have a good historical record against the team they’re going up against?

NBA Betting Tips

Here are a few general betting tips every Australian should keep in mind when placing wagers on the NBA. If you follow these, you’ll soon be adding loads of cash prizes to your bankroll.

  • Choose valuable bets – pick the games you choose to bet on. If you just bet on games willy-nilly, you’ll soon find yourself with no money in your bankroll. Focus on games that don’t feature teams that are notoriously inconsistent with their performances.
  • Learn about the betting market – there is a difference between knowing a lot about the NBA and a lot about the NBA betting market. You need to know which games are more likely to be high scoring ones and which teams are more likely to lose.
  • Bet on teams you follow – you could be the biggest basketball fan in the world, but even then, you wouldn’t be able to keep up with the comings and goings of all the teams in the league. Pick some teams and follow their performance and place bets on them to ensure that you increase your success rate.
  • Bankroll management is important – punters should never place bets that exceed the value of 10% of their bankroll. Not doing this is a good way to burn through your bankroll should bets go badly.
  • Follow tipsters – follow tipsters who have got a well-known success record. With their advice, you may be able to increase your winnings.

NBA Betting FAQs

How do you bet on the NBA?

You need to wager when there is value, be open to learning and begin with betting on the NBA clubs that you know. Also, consider money management and record all your bets and wager at a trusted sportsbook.

Where can I bet on the NBA?

Betting on the NBA is possible at Bookmaker,5Dimes.BetNow, Intertops, and many other sports betting sites.

Where can I place a playoff bet in the NBA?

Sites such as MyBookie, BetOnline Sports and Bodava allows punters to bet on the NBA.

What is winning margin in basketball?

Winning margin betting is when you make a wager based on the number of goals the winning team will score. If you think that club will win with 3 goals then the team has to score 3 goals.

What is a parlay bet in basketball? 

This type of wager is called an exotic bet where punters wager on a series of events. A parlay allows a minimum of 2 bets and can be 12 events, that depend on the sportsbook.

Can NBA players bet on games?

Wagering on the NBA is legal in several states. We give you more details about NBA betting on this page. All you have to do is follow the sport and place bets.


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